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By Cee Archer. Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue is what I refer to as my Heart Shelter. Yvette and her son Stan are amazing folks who tirelessly rescue and rehab dogs up in their part of the world, in Topley, BC.

They don’t do this for the kudos, rewards, recognition, or to earn their wings. They were born with wings, I’m convinced of that!

Editor’s note: Featured pup has been adopted. Just before he was adopted he found a nice smelly spot to roll around in so he faced yet another bath!

Many moons ago,Yvette saw a desperate need and jumped in. Through the love, sweat and tears of Turtle Gardens many dogs that had no present and certainly no future, have found forever homes and yet the need continues.

Yvette at an educational event

Yvette at an educational event

Yvette has educated, been the last resort, and has been an open door in an area where there are very few resources. Which in turn means there are very few resources for fundraising opportunities.

I am a proud tiny part of a steady group of volunteers in the Lower Mainland who work hard on fundraisers for Turtle Gardens. We all believe in what Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue does up north, they are making a big difference with all that they do.

Needless to say Turtle Gardens requires money to pull all this off.

Money for vet bills, as dogs who find their way to Turtle Gardens are all vetted, spayed, neutered.

Money for dog food. And the transport of said food to Topley.

Quite a ways!

Quite a ways!

Money for transport. The majority of dogs find their adoptive homes in the Lower Mainland and Stan drives them there. That is a 12 and a half hour drive one way from Topley to Vancouver.
Why do they go that far to find homes? Simple, that is where most of the homes are. And Stan will not keep a 12.5 hour drive from giving his charges the best possible forever home out there! I greatly admire that attitude!

Then of course there are the costs for cleaning supplies, and they are meticulous about cleaning! Especially the mom and pups area. Germs don’t get adopted at Turtle Gardens!

I am naming the basic essentials that come to mind. I fully assume there are lots more. But I want to give you a feeling of why fundraisers are so crucial to the survival up North.

I'm helping out at a fundraiser!

I’m helping out at a fundraiser!

Now we get to the fundraiser I am a tiny part of.


Most of us are familiar with Regal. Who has not seen a Regal catalog with all the products? Most of them useful, a lot of them fun too.

The beauty of the Regal Gifts for Turtle Gardens Fundraiser is that there is no location requirement, just as there isn’t for the forever homes for the Turtle Gardens dogs.

Fortunately for Stan, he does not have to drive the orders out to the homes! Regal will deliver the order straight to you, and because you browse the catalog online and order online through the link Regal has set up for us, this way to donate could not be easier.

I would like to ask you to share this story and link with your families, co-workers, and friends. It is my hope that when Turtle Gardens receives their check from Regal at the end of this fundraiser, that they won’t have to worry about things for a long time to come and that they can concentrate on what they do like no other and that is healing dog’s souls and finding them that perfect forever home!

Below is the official letter with all the information you need. All you need to do is add a hot beverage to sip while you are browsing and you’re all set!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. On behalf of Yvette and Stan of Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue, thank you for caring!

Regal and TG


Dear Supporters, This year we are excited to use Regal Gifts for Turtle Gardens’ Animal Rescue Christmas Fundraising Campaign.

They offer more than 1000 products with hundreds being priced under $20. We are sure everyone can find something either for themselves or as a gift for family and friends.

Important Points

1. Regal has designed TG’s own Regal website for safe and secure ordering –


The website can only be viewed using Internet Explorer or Firefox entering the website address, do not search through Google or Google Chrome it will not direct you to the website.

2. You can start placing your orders immediately and all orders must be placed by December 31st, 2013.

3. After placing your order on our web store, the products are delivered directly to you. In stock items generally arrive within 7-10 business days.

4. To ensure your order is delivered quickly, we need you to either enter a physical address (not PO Box) or include your phone number when asked during the order process. For speedy delivery we recommend including both.

5. Regal has a low shipping rate – only $5 per order under $124.99 or 4% of the order total if your order is $125 or more. ( plus taxes)

6. Our Organization earns at least 30% on every order and up to 35% if we all buy more!!

7. Product Exchanges are done directly through Regal’s Exchange Centre – www.regal.ca/exchangecentre. Refunds can be requested through the Centre as well as long as your campaign is open. After the campaign closes you will only be able to receive an exchange.

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