Top 5 Tools To Help You Get The Most Out Of Twitter

By March 23, 2015Katt Stearns, The Net

By Katt Stearns. With so many Twitter tools out there it is hard to know which ones you should use and trust. So I decided to do some of the work for you and highlight the top 5 Twitter tools I use every day to help me manage and get the most out of my Twitter. Best of all, ALL of these tools are FREE!

  1. Hootsuite: This is an all-in-one social media management tool; it not only allows you to schedule your tweets up to 6 months in advance, it also allows you to create a dashboard with multiple feeds and keywords helping you to stay on top of the conversations and respond easily.
  2. Manage Flitter: Want to remove all of the spam accounts and people who aren’t following you back? This free tool allows you to quickly analyze your followers and remove unwanted accounts without having to do it manually.
  3. Bitly: If one of your goals is to track traffic and clicks to your products, website and blog, Bitly can help you do that. This link shortener not only shortens your links but will also track the clicks to provide you analytics on when are where people are clicking on your links. Hootsuite does have a link shortening tool as well but I find Bitly offers another level of detail that can be helpful for you in measuring the success of your campaign.
  4. Canva: Visual content is key in social and Twitter is no different. Twitter has been making consistent updates to help integrate images into their news feed. Canva is a fantastic tool to help you design professional looking images that are the correct dimensions for Twitter (1024px x 512px) so you can maximize your image in the Twitter feed.
  5. Follower Wonk: If you are looking to find targeted new followers on Twitter, Follower Wonk can help you do just that. Enter in a keyword and a specific location and this tool will analyze the Twitter profile of all the followers in that area, saving you time by instantly providing you with a list of people you want to reach: realtors, consultants or CEO’s.

There you go! Those are the key tools that I use on a daily basis to help me manage my Twitter account.

Now it’s your turn! Do you have a favourite Twitter tool that you would like to share? Send me a quick Tweet @KattStearns and I’d love to share your recommendations!


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