Utopia Academy Launches Skincare, Laser Therapist Program

New Program Introduces Higher Standards to the Laser Skin Care Industry
Utopia Academy Hopes to Make the Industry Safer for the Public

Release. Utopia Academy has officially launched a new Skincare and Laser Therapist program. This fourteen week program will train students on basic and advanced skin care, as well as laser hair removal and laser skin rejuvenation. The program is much more rigorous than competing programs and will produce potential employees that are better trained and safer for the public.  
The Cosmetic Laser industry in British Columbia is currently unregulated. There is no licensing system in place, and there are no limitations on who can purchase laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation machines. The government does not require technicians to have any knowledge of the skin or esthetics to operate a laser machine. Poorly trained laser technicians pose significant dangers to patients and are a liability to the spa and clinic owners who employ them. There is a growing need for well-trained laser therapists, a need which Utopia Academy hopes its graduates will fill.
Utopia Academy’s Skin Care and Laser Therapist program is an intensive fourteen week course that provides students with a firm foundation in skin care, laser hair removal, and laser skin rejuvenation. Unlike other institutions that believe an eight hour training session is sufficient, Utopia Academy’s program holds itself to a much higher standard. Students won’t graduate from Utopia until they’ve completed all 500 hours of training.
“It’s scary how little training some technicians have” says General Manager Vanessa Wallace. “Improper laser use can cause pain, swelling, blisters, or even permanent scarring.  Our graduates will be trained to a much higher standard, making them more attractive to potential spa owners and medical offices”.
The program’s first students will start their training at the beginning of September. In a few short months they will be on their way to relieving the shortage of professional laser technicians, giving the public safer and more effective treatments.
About Utopia Academy: Utopia Academy is a fully accredited and recognized leader in education for the Health and Wellness industry. At their state-of-the-art Abbotsford campus they offer Advanced Esthetics & Laser, and Hair Design programs. Utopia Academy’s professional faculty help prepare graduates with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for a successful career. Visit the Academy’s website for more information www.utopiaacademy.com.

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