Vicarro Ranch Public Hearing Monday

A final public hearing on one of the biggest development proposals in the Valley will goto a final public hearing at Abbotsford City Council Monday.

The proposal, which has been in the works for years, will complete the development of the west side of Sumas Mountain and provide an enormous 1400 additional residential premises to justify the over budget and well past schedule extension to Whatcom Road which now crosses Sumas Mountain.

Once dubbed ‘the road to nowhere’, the road was mired in financial difficulties and delays which were passed of as ‘environmental concerns’ when the builder, who had never built a road before, spent all the money getting the job half done.

The Vicarro Ranch lands consist of 383 acres owned by the Tretheway family, one of the founding families of Abbotsford.

For more on the proposal click here.

The public hearing begins with the council meeting at 7 pm in the Matsqui Centenniel Auditirum.

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