Virtual School Growing

Abbotsford Virtual School (‘AVS’) – the district’s online school – enrolled over 1,500 students last year. In reviewing AVS’s online and on-site learning opportunities, Principal Brad Hutchinson noted AVS has continuous enrolment, flexible educational programs and individual courses for K-12 and adult students.

AVS is the 10thlargest Distributed Learning program in BC’s public system, and had 1,575 students last school year. Overall success rates for students in AVS courses is 71% (one of the highest for the size and model.) Principal Hutchinson noted 82% of AVS students are from the Abbotsford while 15% reside in nearby school districts.

Across the district, about 18% of Abbotsford Grade 10 to 12 students take a course via AVS in a given year. New projects for AVS include: a Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship course, with 650 students from three participating middle schools, a Mathematics 9 Enrichment Option (for grade 8’s) to be offered at five middle schools, and creating ‘flexed’ blocks in high school timetables.

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