What’s Up With That? City’s Irony Department Drops The Ball

From Win Wachsmann. Here’s a letter that went out to some of the citizens of Abbotsford. From Ward Draper of the 5 and 2 Ministries.

In case you haven’t been anywhere in the Western World these past few days, we’ve had a little issue develop whereby City staff decided to do the Sally Ann a favour and get rid of the homeless camp across the street by spreading chicken feces all over the area where the homeless congregate.

Kinda caused a stir and people from coast to coast are once again talking about our lovely little community and the quaint ways we have of dealing with the less fortunate; from letting our addicts die in the alleyways to threatening our homeless with chicken manure, turns out we’re quite a bunch of people here in the City of Character.

Apparently, along with a lack of understanding for some English words like Apology, Responsibility, Accountability, Liability, Character … we lack an understanding of the meaning of the word Irony as well.

Read the letter the City sent out two days after the descended on the homeless across from the Sally Ann with a truckload full of chicken shit:


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