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As always, the latest news about Abbotsford’s battles with its homeless population is getting coverage elsewhere.

The True North Times covered the attempt by City lawyers to have the case against the City’s Anti-Homeless Bylaws thrown out of court on a technicality [City Defends Anti-Homeless Bylaws]

Cover Photo by Lilly Kaetler

The Homeless v. Abbotsford: Where Do Ya Want ‘Em To Go?


The defence team for the city argues that, because the lawsuit is on behalf of a group of people rather than a single plaintiff, the whole case should be tossed out by the judge. It’s an interesting tactic, and it completely disregards why a coalition group of this kind might exist—homeless people may have a difficult time representing themselves in court. The DWS and Pivot Legal Society understand this reality, and work to represent the people who cannot adequately represent themselves in our system.

However, we’re not sure that the city that would like to see the homeless kicked out of all parks has much of a problem kicking them out of the courts too, especially a city with a track record like Abbotsford. In June 2013, the municipal government found itself in hot water after city employees were reported to have scattered chicken manure around park land known to be lived on by several homeless people.


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