Will The News Ever Reveal Who Fingered City Workers?

By August 19, 2013Issues, Mike Archer

By Mike Archer. Eight days after the now infamous Abbotsford Chicken Manure Homeless Incident the Abbotsford News wrote an editorial in which they stated:

“We are led to believe this was the work of a handful of lower level authorities in city hall who thought they were taking affirmative action on a long-standing problem.”

Now that evidence, uncovered and revealed, mostly by others, has proven that statement to be completely false, when will the Abbotsford News explain to the citizens of Abbotsford who led it to believe City workers were responsible and why they have not retracted the accusation?

Citizens have a right to know who led them to believe something so patently untrue and why they would publish such a statement about an incident others uncovered and about which no investigation had yet occurred.

Especially now that it has been revealed that senior management in as many as five city departments and the Salvation Army participated in the decision, will they retract their editorial or at the very least reveal who told them it was low level city workers who were to blame?

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