YMCA Opponents Buy ‘Say No’ Ad

By Walter Neufeld. As you are aware, the City of Abbotsford is still considering a 17.5 million tax dollar give-away to YMCA. That money is the tip of the YMCA public money giveaway iceberg, so-to speak.

The City’s well documented fiscal mismanagement is the root cause of property taxes that now tower above most of its significant neighbouring municipalities.

Some Councillors unrepentantly dispute those facts with nonsensical responses that are an embarrassment to the dignity of their electoral responsibilities. When pressed for supporting facts, they become silent.

YMCA, on the other hand, has shown a profound disdain for Abbotsford taxpayers’ plight so far. It prefers to ask and answer only its own promotional questions while refusing to address taxpayers’ actual expressed concerns.

It is currently appealing for community support while failing to provide the transparency needed to make informed decisions. The lack of critically relevant information in conjunction with poor information analysis appears to be the same mix of ingredients that drove City Council’s previously disastrous fiscal decisions.

I believe Abbotsford’s citizens deserve more respect but am doubtful it will happen under existent conditions.

Below is an Informational Public Notice that will be published in local paper(s) starting Feb 28.

Silence is no longer an option. Our community’s trust has been abused and that message must get through to Council. Taxation without representation must stop now.

Remember, Council views your silence as its consent.



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  • brian penman says:

    we have to stop spending like idiots. there is sufficient rec. facilities which are not being used to capacity == both private & municipal. if there is money available === pay down the city debt & lower taxes

  • Diane Shantz says:

    Put the money into cleaning up the streets, we have those “art”?? pieces at the roundabouts, reader signs in two differents spots to make people aware of ??,.
    The medians and road sides look like the city doesn’t care, but at the same time want to welcome people to our “lovely city.” Approaches to the city need to be cleaned up and maintained!!!!!!!!! Someone on the city maintenance crew needs to take responsibility and be accountable! We as your employer aren’t able to give ourselves a pay raise on a whim, but amazingly enough, we keep giving the city our taxes in hopes it will be spent wisely!!!!!!!! That has not been the case in many instances!!!!!! Am I unhappy? I think SO.

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