Amanda Shares Very Important Products To Use On A Daily Basis

By Amanda DenBraber, Fraser Valley Makeup. I love living in the valley. We get a dash of different weather all the time with the change of seasons being now winter.

I think it’s a good time to talk about keeping our skin comfortable for condition and season we’re in.
We just had a first snow fall a couple days ago but prior to this my skin had suffered the sudden shock of dehydration a few weeks back. Now usually I would find the latest beauty product and slather it on every evening before I go to bed and wake up with a greasy pile of residue that leads to other skin conditions.

This year, I decided to find a solution internally. I started increasing my water intake by 2 extra glasses a day. I’m using my Hamilton Beach juicer once a day and make up a green drink from leafy greens, and watery veggies. I think this has really made a difference too in my skin.

I try not to take as hot of showers or baths because that can really take it’s toll on your skin especially this time of year. Switched to a higher sunscreen in my day time moisturizer to fight against the sun of course, and environmental issues and wind burn. Only wearing makeup on days when I work with clients or have work meetings.

Along with the change of season some things remain the same for for my beauty routine. I’m just going to name a few VIP (very important products) that I use on a daily basis. I was reading back to my older blogs and I have many updates as to what is on my counter.

I posted that Vaseline works great for removing your eye makeup. I try to avoid Vaseline with a long stick now that I’ve done research on the petroleum-based synthetic product. There are better alternatives to Vaseline. I LOVE coconut oil. Coconut oil has so many different uses that i could write a whole blog about this lovely item.

Not only does it taste and smell good, it’s a great makeup remover and beauty product that I always keep near. I have a container throughout the apartment. Starting in the bathroom (removing eye makeup and face makeup), shower ( great conditioning mask, body moisturizer), bedroom ( hands/lips before I go to bed and in case I forget to moisturize after my shower) and we also use it as butter in the kitchen. There are so many other uses for this moisture rich natural item. Go to your local health food store and they will direct you to the best brand and selection of coconut oil.

My obsession has always been mascara, ever since I started wearing mascara. I’ve had my fav formulas and wands that I’ve kept and that I always went back to.
My newest favourite is ‘Pure Anada Masara in Black 308’. It’s a great formula that is build able, doesn’t clump, and best of all its the perfect texture that isn’t too watery. I recently discovered that if you take your mascara, dip an eyeliner brush in the product, you get a great liquid liner. I figured this out when I switched from prestige-natural products and I couldn’t spend all my money at one candy store! This has worked great for my personal use.

I use a lot of lavender oil on my body face and hair. It’s antibacterial, more so than tea tree oil. It’s very relaxing and smells fantastic.

Aloe Vera is a basic natural healer that helps so many different issues.

Castor oil can be used around the eyes and promotes hair growth. I try to stick with it in my routine in the evening. Before I go to bed I apply a thin layer on my eyebrows and lash line, then I dab it around the outer orbital bone where we tend to age the quickest.

My beauty routine has taken a 360′ turn, like my cosmetics. I will be discussing more on this topic in future posts from Fraser Valley Makeup!

Makeup artist fraser valleyAbout Amanda
Amanda has early morning energy, confident in application and loves being a wedding freelance makeup artist. She has products and techniques to Airbrush, cover acne, birthmarks and even tattoos. Your wedding day look is stress free by booking a makeup artist for your wedding day. Always keeping up with the latest makeup trends for bridal and fashion, you as a client will be guaranteed satisfaction. Her makeup kit is fully stocked with the latest trendy products in prestige cosmetics, natural and mineral makeup. Loves sharing freebies with clients during consultations. Amanda is a certified makeup artist and has worked on film sets, commercials, music videos and photo shoots. You may recognize her from A-Plus Makeup, which was her first company name before getting into the wedding industry. With the brides colors and wedding theme, then create a few favorite looks by focusing the attention on her best facial feature. Available to stay throughout the brides wedding photos to ensure that her photos will be perfect!
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