Bateman Grad Jordan Sandover-Best Earns Starts For Canada U-2 Trials

From Abbotsford Rugby. Jorden Sandover-Best is a Bateman graduate who is a starter at scrum half for the UBC Thunderbirds, the current Div 1 league leaders. He is also the only Abbotsford player presently in the mix with the Canadian U-20 squad preparing for the Junior World Trophy competition in Hong Kong in April. 28 players will be selected to travel to a England for preparation matches in March and 26 will make the trek to Hong Kong for the official JWT competition.

The U-20 group has played two trial matches so far against UBC Ravens and UVic. Despite close losses, the group has benefited from the competition and Sandover-Best started at 9 in both games.

Following the UVic game, returning Canada scrum-half, Sandover-Best said, “I thought the team came together well on offense and made some good line breaks but we didn’t finish. That’ll come with a little more cohesion as a group; we’re showing a lot of components to be a strong team this year.”
“These two games have been big for us to work on combinations and we want to see who works well together and who’s going to stick their neck out for the guy beside them. A lot of the success we had last year was because we had a group of guys that would play hard for the guy beside them and in these trial matches you see guys who have passion for the team.”

Canada will continue training in Langford for the JWRT in April. We wish Jorden the best of luck!

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