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By Doreen Jung. Financial shenanigans and monetary scandals might be expected by someone opening Phil Dyer’s new book. However, when you pick up “Confessions of a Retired Accountant”, you won’t see too many numbers. Between the covers of this book lies a visual feast of photographic images and visual expression.

What you will see highlights the evolution of Dyer’s photography over the past several years. When asked about his choice of title, he noted that creativity was not allowed much room in his career. Now, a retired accountant, Dyer has unleashed his creative spirit in his photography.

Through visual explorations with his camera, Dyer has been creating abstract images and surreal scenes.

Wave by Phil Dyer

Wave by Phil Dyer

He uses the interplay of light and shadow to portray stunning impressions that vibrate with color. He has created almost supernatural scenes that fascinate the viewer with exquisitely composed geometric shapes, lines, and forms. “Creativity is what I am into now,” describes Dyer.

“It’s a move away from straight documentation to a more artistic impression of a subject. I love to experiment with different filters to achieve something that will evoke an emotional response.” He has also embraced the power of computer software in editing digital photography.

Dyer’s work has been inspired by travel, other photographers, as well as books and magazines. On a recent trip to Austria, he visited the Swarovski Crystal Gallery in Innsbruck. Taking a photo of a neon-like work of art on the gallery wall was the first step in creating his image, “Wave #1”. He used computer software to manipulate his image. With Pixel Bender, he separated the colours and bent the neon tubes into the shape of a wave.

End of October by Phil Dyer

End of October by Phil Dyer

“The End of October” is a composite created by combining several photographs and adding elements using photo editing software.

The background is a crystal replica of the Empire State Building and the man in the image was photographed on the streets of Innsbruck.

The rain was created in On One Software. In his photographic art, Dyer strives to retain a minimalist look while contributing to the theme of the image.

Dyer was born in England and immigrated to Canada when he was 10 years old. He has lived in Winnipeg, Burnaby, Crescent Beach, and Fort Langley, but has made Abbotsford his home since 1990.

“Delicate” was photographed on his kitchen counter. Wherever he is, Dyer finds a wealth of subjects for his photography.

He also delights in experimenting with photo editing. “Now that the digital age is truly upon us, newcomers to photography have a myriad of opportunities to discover their inner creativity,” says Dyer. “For me, it has been a wonderful hobby and diversion from the challenges of running my own business.”

In the exhibition, “Dual Visions”, Dyer will be exhibiting his photographic art along with the abstract acrylic paintings by Nasser Ghaderi, a West Vancouver artist. The show takes place from February 8th to March 5th, 2013 at the Kariton Art Gallery. For more information visit:

Learn more about Phil Dyer and his art at or connect with Dyer at

Cover Photo: Confessions of a retired Accountant by Phil Dyer

Delicate by Phil Dyer

Delicate by Phil Dyer


Doreen Jung

Doreen Jung

Editor’s Note: Doreen Jung is a member of the Abbotsford Arts Council and former Arts Administrator. Her columns appear here regularly.

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