Canadian author debuts a powerful tale of second chances.

By December 15, 2016Books

Submitted. A British Columbia author has recently published her debut novel. Zola Blue, of Pitts Meadows, has written Porcelain Doll, a gripping tale of self-discovery.

She says: “As a young woman, most have hopes of finding Mr. Right and settling down with the house and white picket fence. However, for some, this is not the situation and trying to do and become who everyone says that they should be, they lose their identities.”

She continues: “In the end, those of us with lost identities, lead some of the most hopeless lives I have seen. The compromise we make for love money or whatever sometimes destroys a lot of us. My hope is that this book will help other women understand their situation so that they may develop their own identity before death.”

Born in Fort Myers Florida, Zola obtained a BA in Psychology, and Masters in Business. She embraces her time in the US military, extensive travel, many years of experience in the insurance industry, as it has allowed her to tailor her stories to the experiences in her own life to create realistic emotional stories. Currently married, she lives with her husband, two dogs, and mother.

Porcelain Doll, published by Austin Macauley, is available to purchase from Amazon and all good bookshops. For more information, please visit

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