Candidate Profile – Raji Buttar

Abbotsford City Council needs a new generation of leaders to offer a young and fresh perspective. The demographics of our vibrant city should be better reflected at the council table. I decided to run to ensure younger Abbotsford residents are represented at the table. The consequences of the decisions made today will impact the residents living in Abbotsford in the future; that may be you, your children or your grandchildren! I will bring a fresh perspective to city council so that we can all enjoy a better future.

I have a master’s degree in Business Administration, own a successful luxury travel company, and have just started a new family. I can relate to many people living in Abbotsford including those who are young, those just starting their careers, those who own businesses, students living on a budget and families who have chosen Abbotsford to raise their children.

Let me represent you on the Abbotsford City Council and let’s look towards a better future together. Please remember to vote BUTTAR, Raji on November 15th, 2014.


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