Diane Delves, Two Other Developers, Named To CIDAC

By March 14, 2013Municipal Politics

After a recommendation from Economic Development Manager Jay Teichroeb on March 4, Abbotsford has three more developers representing the community on the City/Industry Development Advisory Committee (CIDAC).

Maginnis Cocivera of Polygon, Michael Kershaw of Onni and Diane Delves of Quantum Properties have been appointed to represent the community on the CIDAC, commencing immediately.

Economic Development Manager Jay Teichroeb

Economic Development Manager Jay Teichroeb

According to the City website, CIDAC was established by Council to maintain communications with Council and staff.

CIDAC acts as an advisory body to Council on matters relating to current and long-term range issues affecting development in the community.

The Committee receives and considers policy and plan initiatives from staff, and brings various recommendations, concerns or problems to staff’s attention.

Representation on the committee includes architects, designers, engineers, developers and builders.

Involvement in Abbotsford developments:

Michael Kershaw, Omni Group
Allwood Estates Mobile Home Park

Maginnis Cocivera, Polygon Homes
Westerleigh Townhomes in West Abbotsford

Diane Delves, Quantum Properties
Mahogany Towers at Mill Lake (not yet sold)

  • Former Director of the Aldergrove Credit Union
  • Vice Chair on the Abbotsford Airport Authority

Editor’s Note: In his first interview after being elected Mayor of Abbotsford, Bruce Banman promised he would try to open up the powerful committee system at City Hall to include some new names and more of those not quite so closely connected to City Council decisions as in previous administrations.

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