Doing The City’s Bidding?

By Mike Archer. Why would the Abbotsford News decide to ask its aging, right wing, conservative readership if they think it is time to “clear” the homeless and destitute members of the BC/Yukon Drug War Survivors (DWS) from Jubilee Park?

Have they heard something the City hasn’t shared with its citizens?

Is the City going to clear the park?

The businesses around the park which have been being bombarded with calls from City lawyers sure seem to think so.

Is the City putting together a case for shutting down the protest?

Did they tell the Abbotsford News but no one else? Is the Abbotsford News attempting to provide political ammunition to the City in order to cleanse the park?

More importantly – why wouldn’t the Abbotsford News ask a useful question like, “Do you think it’s time for the City to begin respecting the rights of all of its citizens?”, or “Do you think it’s time the City found out what the protesters want? Has anybody asked?”

Or maybe, “Is there something we coulod do for these citizens that would help them?”

There was once a time when the media spoke up for the common man, the downtrodden and the poor. Nowadays it’s the politicians, the police and the business community for whom the media seems to speak.

Before we rally the troops and “clear” the poor out of Jubilee Park, shouldn’t someone answer the question the protesters are asking: “Where are we supposed to go?”

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