Goat’s Pride Dairy – A Special Treat For Christmas?

By December 19, 2013Farm Fresh Local Produce

In partnership with BCFarmFresh.com we would like to introduce you to the Abbotsford farmers who grow and sell our local produce. We will be featuring local farms, nurseries, markets and growers who sell directly to the consumer in Abbotsford.

This week’s feature:

Goat’s Pride Dairy

We produce certified organic goat milk, yogurt, and several kinds of cheese. You can buy them at our farm store as well as other products like goat milk soap, fair trade coffee beans, Rooibos tea, natural honey and eggs when available. We offer farm tours for groups of 12 or more with special activities such as goat dairy education, cheese tasting, goat milking demonstration and visiting all of our farm animals, by appointment only.

Open year round Monday through Saturday, 8:30 am to 6 pm. Closed Sundays and religious holidays.

Goats’ Pride Dairy:


Our fine milk, yogurts and cheeses are hand made on our farm in the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada. We believe in the small family farm, humane and loving treatment of our animals and sustainable organic farming practices.


What’s so special about our cheese? We are the first Certified Organic goat dairy in Western Canada! Our wonderful cheeses are all hand made at our farm. We have a very low-tech operation that is labour intensive and produces a delicious, traditional cheese.


Our organic milk comes from our own and our producers heards of milking does. We take great care of our goats; we feed them a mixed diet of organic hay, grain and minerals, and they live in comfortable barns with access to pastures whenever they feel like it. Their pens are large, with plenty of room to eat, sleep and play. We never use hormones and rarely use antibiotics, preferring to use herbal and homeopathic remedies when needed.

Peter and Jo-Ann Dykstra and Family
30854 Olund Road
604.854.6261 Fax: 604.852.1093

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