Free High School Bhangra & Dhol Courses

By October 8, 2013Education

Submitted. That’s right, this is not a typo. We have teamed up with iLearn DL to offer Free Bhangra & Dhol Courses for high school students. What exactly does that mean? Well if you’re a high school student, or if you have children who are in high school, or maybe even your neighbours kids are in high school, they can now register for a full-credit course in Bhangra and/or Dhol.

Students will learn to play the Dhol and dance Bhangra by attending classes twice per week, completing choreography/composition assignments, quizzes, a term paper and a final project. In the end, they’ll receive a final letter grade based on their course work. This letter grade will appear on their high school report card and they’ll be able to use the credits towards graduation.

These are the first high school accredited Bhangra & Dhol classes to be offered in North America and we are extremely proud to be partnering with iLearn DL to bring you some different options for dance & music. If only courses like these were offered when we were in high school 🙂

Space is VERY limited so call iLearn DL to register today!
Classes begin Wednesday, October 16th!
All skill levels welcome.

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