Industrial Fire On Enterprise Ave

By April 21, 2013Abbotsford News

Submitted. At 07:18 pm on Saturday, April 20, 2013, the Abbotsford Fire
Rescue Service (AFRS) responded to a report of fire at 33777 Enterprise Avenue involving a grinding
machine burning in an industrial feed mill.

Upon arrival, fire crews saw light smoke coming from a processing building with all workers located
outside of the mill. Fire crews were directed to a grinding machine in the plant where they quickly
learned there was a small fire burning in the unit.

Fire crews established a plan to contain and extinguisher fire safely. In addition to the grinding unit
crews had to work through the entire system to put out small spot fires that extended from the grinding
unit up into the silo where the product being ground was stored. This took some time and as a
precaution, fire crews remained on scene until all the product was removed from the facility.

The damage to the feed mill equipment and lost product is estimated at approximately $5000.
AFRS preliminary investigation into the cause of fire is related to the product itself and results of the
grinding process. Staffs on site were quick to react in getting the equipment shut down and called 911,
preventing further spread.

There were no injuries to report and the facility should be back in full production today.
Approximately 12 career fire fighters on 3 appa

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