Internet Safety Expert To Speak To Abbotsford Parents

Submitted. A widely recognized presenter on internet and online safety is being brought back to Abbotsford by the Abbotsford School District with the presentation Internet and Social Media Safety and Digital Literacy Education 101 for Parents. Darren Laur, founder of Personal Protection Systems Inc and a Staff Sergeant with the Victoria City Police Department, will help parents to pro-actively understand the enabling power of digital technology, and how they can help manage a tween’s or teen’s high risk/ less than desirable on-line behaviour.

“Education is the first step in keeping our kids safer in this technology-driven world. Technology is only a tool, we can determine its function and value because it’s a conscious choice to do so,” states Laur. “Research has shown however, that without good digital literacy education it becomes more challenging for students to make the right on-line choices. It is not uncommon that our children know more about the workings of the Internet and social networking than we as parents do. This presentation is designed to educate even the most computer illiterate parent. Knowledge and the understanding and application of that knowledge is power.”

The presentation, which is free, will be held Monday, September 23 starting at 7pm in the Abbotsford Arts Centre. Laur will be making presentations to teachers and staff from the district’s eight middle schools earlier in the day. He has previously presented directly to schools and PACs in Abbotsford.

“Providing this key information about online safety to parents and guardians is a component in our District Strategic Plan,” notes Board of Education Chair Cindy Schafer. “The ethical use of technology and parental engagement are two of the six pillars in our Strategic Plan. We want to invite our parents and guardians and community members to attend Darren Laur’s presentation and learn how to help keep their children – and themselves – safer when online.”

About Darren Laur:
Currently a serving Staff Sergeant with the Victoria City Police Department with over 27 years of law enforcement experience. Darren is an internationally recognized safety expert/advocate, award winning published author and highly sought after international keynote speaker, who specializes in the area of personal safety and self-protection both on-line and off-line. Darren and Beth started their company, Personal Protection Systems Inc, in 1993, and have presented their internet and social media safety programs to over 117,000 students, and to thousands of teachers and parents throughout British Columbia and the United States. They have also presented internationally to organizations, businesses, law enforcement agencies and Federal/Provincial Ministries. Together they have written over 170 internationally published articles and four books on the topics of personal safety.

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