Karen Young Running For Council

Former Chamber of Commerce president, business owner and Arts and Heritage Advisory Committee member Karen Young announced this week she is running for Abbotsford Council on November 15.

From Karen Young.info. Karen Young, a committed and involved resident of Abbotsford since 1982, brings a wealth of experience to serve the citizens of Abbotsford.

A few highlights: Business owner (adult education and marketing), President of the Chamber of Commerce (2001), Chamber Board member for six years, and currently on the Board of Governors. She sat on Abbotsford’s Economic Development Commission (2001-2002), and was appointed to Abbotsford’s Arts and Heritage Advisory Committee (2006-2011). Provincially Karen was appointed to the British Columbia Arts Council (2007 through 2012).

From 2008 Karen has worked in a management capacity with a charitable organization helping the homeless and marginalized in Metro Vancouver.

Karen lives in Abbotsford close to her three adult children, her grandchildren, and her father.

Agriculture. Agriculture is vital to Abbotsford’s economy, and to our quality of life. We are able to eat the freshest foods purchased from the farm gate. We must work to protect agricultural land for the future. We must recognize that a thriving agri-business is good for all of us, and seek ways to support our farmers.

Arts and Heritage. Art is the soul of a community. Our heritage informs who we are. Both must be recognized, preserved, celebrated. Public art and recognized heritage sites are refreshing to those who see and experience them, and are a boon to tourism. There is both a social and economic benefit in a vibrant arts community. And a reality that the Arts requires some Municipal support to qualify for professional development funding at other levels of government.

Budget and Finance. A balanced budget. Saving for future necessary capital expenses. Low tax increases. Exploring ways to minimize tax burdens on our most vulnerable citizens. We will get out of debt, and proactively plan for our future.

Business and Economic Development. My vision is for a thriving business community. They will provide well-paying full time jobs for Abbotsford residents. And provide goods and services that we will benefit from.

Environment. We must steward our resources so that we, our children, and all future generations will enjoy clean water, fresh air, and pure foods. The needs of people are of first priority, and care of our environment serves us well into the future.

Homelessness and Social Inclusion. There is no “one size fits all” solution. People become homeless for a variety of reasons, and we must allow agencies to meet the various needs. The working mom sleeping in her car because she can’t find an affordable home has a different need than an adult struggling with mental health. The teen who is sofa surfing needs a different solution than a widowed pensioner who sleeps rough. Solutions must be multi-faceted, compassionate, and include true relationship building follow up.

Public Safety. We are in the happy position of experiencing relatively low crime rates. This speaks to the good work of our police force, and the right-sizing of the force. The police have committed to a zero-increase budget over the next 24 months.

Seniors. People who have contributed to the fabric of our community, who have modeled hard work and vision, must be respected and cared for in their twilight years. It seems to be easy to suggest that the opinions those who contribute with less energy that in their previous years, or with a more thoughtful pause, or in person instead of through technology may be downplayed. I would argue that to seek out diverse and considered opinions makes for a healthy community. Issues for our older citizens (who are often wondering what happened to their health!) include safety and protection from being victimized, social inclusion, great centralized services, and transportation so that they may remain independent for as long as possible. And all while recognizing that a fixed income may mean less food if bus fares are hiked.

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  • Deceit in Drugs says:

    As the saying an “elephant never forgets”

    Karen Young was an avid supporter of Plan A on behalf of the
    Abbotsofrd Chamber of Commerce…$85 to 115 million plus $667,000
    start up costs taken out of Parks & Rec. (FOI)and $15.4 million
    in arena/hockey subsidies plus $5.5 million hockey buyout..costs
    incurred in FOUR YEARS!

    Karen Young was an avid supporter of the P3 water plan even lending her name in an ad in the Abby News along with several others inc Dave Holmberg leading the charge to promote the P3 water plan, which would have cost Abbotsford $300 million, yet,turns out we do not need a new water source by 2016.

    This is a serious lack of fiscal responsibility and lack of getting the
    facts before proceeding on the P3 bandwagon led by the Abbotsford Chamber.

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