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By Lynette Greaves. I have a passion for fashion. I greatly appreciate excellence in design and quality. I have searched for specific styles that would provide a flattering fit. It was extremely difficult to find what I wanted in stores and when I did, they weren’t affordable for me. I wanted beautiful, comfortable clothes that would be of the quality that would last for years to come.

LG Fashion By Dezign

LG creates original design fashions for discerning women who appreciate high quality. Italian fabrics and exceptional fit make our offering quite unique. Our new website offers custom fitting.

LG Fashion By Dezign has created unique styles, sculptured to accentuate the most flattering features of a woman’s figure. Our exclusive custom designed and handmade dresses and suits are cut to define feminine shapes and allow a woman to move with elegance and ease.

LG was developed to satisfy my passion for excellence in design and quality of fashion. It was extremely difficult to find what I wanted, and when I did, they were often unaffordable . I wanted beautiful, comfortable clothes that would last.

True Style That Is Timeless
We are designing for the discerning woman who knows and appreciates distinctive quality. True style that is timeless. Our designs are not trendy in nature. Classic pieces that mix, match, and easily accessorize. You may buy fewer pieces, but what you have, you will love!

The majority of our custom designs are handmade in Canada by professional tailors and most are fully lined for the perfect drape and comfort of movement. Our collection includes a selection of fashion created in the finest fabrics, including: Italian wools, silks, jerseys, linens and more; all designed for comfortable sophistication.

lg dress1lg dress3I guess I have a different attitude toward fashion than most do. I don’t want to spend money on a frivolous, flash-in-the-pan fad fashion that I will throw away next year. Or…I will fall in love with a piece of clothing and it will apart after washing or dry cleaning because it is poorly made. Often I am unable to replace it because it is no longer available.

When you “investment buy,” it is very much like buying a high quality appliance or vehicle. You love it! You are not going to get tired of how beautiful, efficient and reliable it is. You might pay more at the time of purchase, but you don’t have to buy as often and therefore save money in the long run.

lg scarflg pantsFashion can be like this too.

I believe we need more fashion designed for the woman who knows and appreciates distinctive style that is timeless. Designs that are not trendy in nature.

I admire beauty without artiface. Classic pieces that mix, match, and easily accessorize. This type of fashion doesn’t go out of style

I enjoy unique styles, sculptured to accentuate and flatter a woman’s figure. I like to feel sexy in my clothes, while at all times being the embodiment of a lady.

lg shirtlg suitI put a great deal of thought into my own personal style and how I am perceived in both business and my personal life.

Having said that, once I am pulled together and out the door, my focus is on my life; not what I have on. When you are confident that you look good and you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, it is something you don’t have to think about.Your style is part of your personal identity.

Every woman should try to dress for her age, body type, activities and personal style. She should not feel forced to wear whatever trend is popular at the stores in the local Mall.

lg dress2lg dress4You will notice that the clothing you see on your favorite television program or movies are not what is generally available to the public. Much of what these “celebrities” wear are custom designed and fitted.

Whatever your age or income, you can create an interesting and versatile wardrobe that can change with the seasons and what is currently in fashion, by investing in a few good pieces and supplementing it with less expensive pieces.

Many people have difficulty with understanding the importance of having basic staples.

Creating A System Of Dressing
Whether it is a pair of perfectly fitted jeans, black leather leggings, pencil skirt, flattering neutral coloured trousers or your favorite LBD (I have several), and fine knit cotton or bamboo T-shirts, basics are what our wardrobes are built on.

I was taught by my mother from a very early age, how to mix and match to give the appearance of an extensive wardrobe, while operating on a very limited budget.

We have created systems of dressing that make it possible to put together a number of outfits from individual pieces that can be worn different ways; reversible, or mix and match. It will enable you to live the rich life by making the most of your wardrobe, time, and hard-earned money.


Lynette Greaves


We’ll enable you to make the most of your wardrobe, your time, and your hard-earned money.

I want you to LOVE yourself when you look in the mirror…and FEEL as good as you LOOK!

LG Fashion By Design

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