Major changes made recently by many home insurance providers

By September 7, 2016Life

Submitted. As many British Columbians anticipate the fall’s wetter months ahead, homeowners can feel a sense of security due to major changes made recently by many home insurance providers. Late last year, a number of Canadian insurance providers announced the availability of overland water coverage, which now can be added to many home insurance policies.


“Surprising to many, up until now home insurance policies included flood damage as it related to floods originating within your home such as pipe leaks and appliance malfunctions, not from water entering from the outside of your home,” says Diane Ciulla, insurance services manager at Envision Insurance Services, a division of First West Insurance Services Ltd. “The availability of overland water coverage to residential properties is a significant change that ensures homeowners are insured for overland flooding.”


Overland water flooding occurs when a body of water such as a river, lake or ditch overflows onto dry land and causes damage. Overland water flooding can also occur from a heavy rainfall or a large amount of melting snow. Such flooding leaves homes at risk for water damage as water enters the home; most commonly through doors and windows.


“The threat of water entering your home from a point at or above ground level is definitely a possibility, especially in the Lower Mainland with the large number of waterways surrounding us,” says Ciulla. “Although this coverage could result in an increase to your annual home insurance premiums, it’s important for homeowners to understand the substantially better protection it provides.”


“B.C.’s Disaster Financial Assistance Program will only provide financial assistance to those impacted by a disaster who were uninsurable,” says Ciulla. “It’s important that homeowners are aware of what their current policy covers and speak to their local insurance advisor to take advantage of this enhanced coverage to avoid being under-insured in the event of a flood-related claim.”


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