Mission Council Dump Manure Of A Different Texture On Dog And Cat Guardians

By October 9, 2013Letters, Mission News, Pets

Dear Editor. As I sat and witnessed novice Councillors led by Councillor Nundal, proceed with dumping the proverbial manure on caring citizens who have been doing council’s work, as volunteers, for years, a tear came to my eye.

Councillor Tilbury supported by long-time Councillor Stevens made a impassioned plea again, to assist animals in mission, this time to prohibit cruel tethering but their sane pleas, innovative ideas and compassion fell upon the same deaf ears.

Recently, Council just sidestepped and would not even consider a review and discussion to assist cats and thoughts of a new shelter for dogs and cats.

This same disdain as felt for the homeless in Mission and Abbotsford is characteristic of councils devoid of empathy, compassion and vision that would welcome innovative ideas to deal effectively with the massive stray cat problem in Mission.

Instead fear mongering alluding to a mystical $50,000.00+ increase in enforcement, blaming the SPCA for not doing their job, the provincial government for not adopting an effective prevention of cruelty to animal act that would remove any effort off Mission but sadly, in spite of the obvious problem and solutions that exist and have been adopted in municipalites across BC and the US, Councillor Nundal bullies his wrong interpretation over clearly uninformed and outwardly indifferent councillors who in their defence of just public criticisms, can only express indignant comment.

The facts remain, talk is cheap and ineffective, empathy and actions speak louder than words. Mission is clearly and has been since at least 1995 in a prehistoric time warp of uncaring council that has perpetuated indifference and inaction to date. Thus, thousands of unwanted cats roam Mission, many are killed by predators daily, and being prolific breeders contribute increasing numbers of unwanted litters across Mission and this endless process is perpetuated by the inept and intransigent leadership of misguided councils. Volunteers desperately try to fill the massive void council has created, but lack of funding and volunteer burn-out persists, which is exacerbated by the lack of council leadership.

Politically the future is clear, Mission needs to again replace most on council, as too many are bringing utter shame upon our community, the lack of empathy and perceived indifference spawns a lack of caring leadership, the likes of behavior demonstrated by Councillor Nundal are arrogant, ignorant and frankly, Mission Residents, certainly our Dogs & Cats do not deserve such contempt and lack of respect or caring. Similar to the City of Abbotsford, disdain for the homeless, Mission instead started with Animals but homeless is on Mission Council radar, starting with denial of funding to the Haven.

The recent Record opinion poll asking if the public supported council decision to not proceed with review of FVHS proposal for a new combined dog and cat shelter, voted 215 (93%) NO, to only 16 (Yes), so clearly the public recognize bad decisions by council. The caring public are invited to attend the October 21, 2013 council meeting at 6:00 pm, in Mission, with me a.k.a. “The Cat Father” to plead the case for saner and more adept council leadership.

Yours truly

George F. Evens
www.thecouncilclaw.ca ‘click’ Our Position On Issues, scroll to SECTION 31 Animal Relations Program, for details.

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