Municipal Politics: MacGregor Calls Braun’s Motion “Tasteless”

By Mike Archer. In an noticeable break with decorum Councillor Bill MacGragor called Councillor Henry Braun’s motion to end the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the YMCA “tasteless.”

Braun had made a motion to tear up the MOU with the YMCA and give the new City Manager, George Murray, a chance to examine the whole issue and make a recommendation to Council. Councillor Moe Gill seconded Braun’s motion but the motion was eventually defeated with the majority of Council voting to keep the MOU alive.

MacGregor told Council he objected to Braun’s motion in principle calling it “premature and tasteless” and equivalent to Council going back on its word with an organization which had negotiated in good faith.

In a heated sometimes exchange, Braun told Council, “We’ve already decimated the DCC fund. Let’s not do the same to the Capital Reserve Fund.”

Councilor Patricia Ross said she was confused and just wanted everyone to know she thought both sides should have a say and that democracy was what mattered most to her.

Councillor Dave Loewen was against Braun’s motion although Councillor Gibson wanted it on the record that he supported the first part – accepting the report from staff.

Councillor Moe Gill said he supported the motion because the City simply doesn’t have $17.5 million to give away.

“We simply don’t have the money,” said Gill.

“Then the YMCA is now going to go out there and engage [in selling this idea] with our community without any decision from Council,” said Braun.

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  • How did Abbotsford ever survive without the wonderful ministrations of the YMCA.

    To hear the proponents, from the Y and from our pro Y Councillors, the Y will fix all that ails us, if we’ll just give them free land, free cash and let them run a conglomeration of tax-free businesses in our City for the next 40 years.

    It’s obvious now that for decades our town has suffered from bad parenting, bad schools, bad teachers, bad access to any healthy opportunities or wholesome activities.

    I’m thinking there’s not a moment to waste, Get out of this wreck of a joint and move to the safety and altogether superior cities of Chilliwack, or Surrey – anywhere, as long as the YMCA is there to ensure there are no lost, lonely, loveless or lawless people.

    How grateful we all must be for the prospect that the YMCA may soon ride into town and rescue us from our hopeless estate.

  • Meghann Coughlan says:

    If Ross is so concerned about democracy then she should come right out against ANOTHER alleged (We have to say alleged, lest run the risk of the baby Bilderberg group threatening lawsuits) charter violation.

    My take: Anything that comes out the of the mouths of council, (Braun excluded), can be likened to what I shovel out of horse stalls everyday.

  • Meghann Coughlan says:

    And Bill,

    the people of Abbotsford voted for you – in good faith. I suggest you stop going back on your word to us before voters negotiate themselves a brand new council in a few years.

  • tom lester says:

    Council behaves like a bunch of kids who found their moms credit card and go out and buy everything in sight regardless of needs. They give money out to buy their friends. eventually mom gets the bills but it is too late to get the money back. Stupid decisions but some one else has to pay. No problem, no consequences, Mom will forgive and forget, until this becomes the accepted behavior. Mom has to say enough, no more.
    The YMCA is not going to solve all our problems. It will put additional strain on citizen owned businesses. Gerda is right with many of the problems in society is bad parenting. Gangs and street kids and drug abuse all starts at home. At 65 plus years, coming from an excessively abusive home life, and teaching special needs kids for over 20 years, I have experience in all these issues.

    • Hi Tom: I was actually making an attempt at irony. Looks like I didn’t succeed in communicating very well.

      When I wrote this,…..”It’s obvious now that for decades our town has suffered from bad parenting, bad schools, bad teachers, bad access to any healthy opportunities or wholesome activities.”…….. I was actually poking at those on our Council, and at the YMCA people who seem to suggest that we are hopelessly dysfunctional, and desperately in need of the YMCA to come riding in on a white charger to fix all that ails us.

      We’ve lived a happy, meaningful life here for 30 years. Yes, our Council has made some awful stupid decisions over the last few years. But the point really is that Abbotsford is a great place to live, so we must inform ourselves, and engage ourselves in the public square.

      Bad things happen quite easily, but good is something we need to fight for. I think our City is worth the effort, and this current proposed lucrative gift to the YMCA most be opposed.

      The YMCA is welcome to set up shop here, on its own dime, like any other business enterprise.

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