My Kingdom For A Newsreader With A Brain Cell

By Mike Archer. I sometimes despair about the fact that the newsreaders who inform most of the population about the world around them every day seem to have the collective IQ of dust particle.

I won’t bore you with a long treatise on the subject I will merely provide two examples from the past week.

1) A News 1130 post that was re-broadcast on Facebook informed me early in the week that if I had sex four times a week I stood a great chance of having lots of money.

I commented on the post, “I think you’ve got that backwards.”

2) CBC News told me on my way home from work Friday that I stood a greater chance of drowning in hot weather than in cold weather because more people drown when it’s hot than when it’s cold.

The other problem could be the ice.

WARNING: These are the same people who are telling you that July’s real estate sales number mean the recession is over and telling you what to think about other matters they don’t understand.

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