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I’m back following Summer hiatus and apologize at the outset for being longer than desired.  But we found a need to repeat some data, a longer list of “Deliberately Stupid” candidates and addition of our article on “Ageism & Abuse”, so we shall endeavour to reduce later editions, ideally shooting for six pages.


Edmund Burke offered “Evil will flourish when good men and women stand by and do nothing”

Mohandas Gandhi said, ”The Greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its Animals are treated”.

Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful concerned citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has”.

These are some tenets I live by but ask yourself, “why don’t I speak-out”?  Maybe too conservative and do not like to draw attention; maybe too scared and fear repercussions; maybe too comfortable, so why help others; maybe too indifferent so who cares about others?  Fear not, The Council Advocacy & ECAC via “News To You Newsletters” will speak publicly for you in all matters of civic, political, health, seniors’ or Animal cruelty & welfare issues BUT, in return we need your individual & collective VOTES to elect Municipal Councils, Premiers & Federal Governments that will respond to our demands for improved lives of Canadians.


Dear Prime Minister, MP, Premier, MLA, Opposition Party Leaders, Publishers, Editors, Reporters, Columnists, Talk Show Hosts, Mayors & Councillors, CEO/FHA, Mr. David Black, President/CEO Black Press, Police Boards/Assn/Commissioner/Chiefs, Political Associations, Seniors’ Associations, Seniors’ & General Public:


“IN THIS EDITION” –  “SUPER BUGS” can harm our families BUT we witness Drug Companies placing profit over human health of our families and suggests we may be entering a “post Anti-Biotic era”   November 2014 MUNICIPAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN NOW UNDERWAY – SENIORS’ HOLD THE “BALANCE OF POWER” TO ELECT NEW Mayors & Councils! Seniors’ getting organized and ”banding together to fight”; Seniors’ still brunt of “discrimination, Ageism & abuse”, so we seek to STOP!  Government over-reaction with Spam Law – overkill!  Canadian FIRST, Free Trade loses Canadians jobs, WHEREAS A “FREER TRADE” first between Provinces and secondly International but such lack of confidence and horrific Government governance over the last decade have eroded public confidence, just as ongoing currently in BC; Tax Dodging Corporation not a Canadian value; A new Liberal (minority) Government (likely) coming in 2015 (maybe majority) as Canadians desire change in this cyclical process and NOTHING CAN STOP PROGRESS ONCE CHANGE BECOMES THE “BUZZ’ WORD.  Unfortunately, some of the “backroom boys” are unable to adapt and (desperation) is evident, like “attack ads” or trying to demean or discredit opponents using retrograde dinosaur tactics, that sadly though, individuals cannot grasp and fail largely at their own doings as we allude to in sections below.”Dumbing down” Media” and “what is APD arbitrarily doing denying Abbotsford TODAY” media releases?  Challenge to Canada Health Care System bordering upon a treasonous act toward Canadians.  “NEW” Abbotsford First Electoral party & a “new slate needed for Mission”.  A “new” phenomenon, “DRONES” flying anywhere, no regulations to govern sales, certification & licence to use, where can they fly – can’t believe the utter stupidity of Government not regulating such a dangerous activity other than being symptomatic of government perceived ineptness?


Rallying Call “Unity in Challenging Times” rings across the land as the ‘sleeping giant’ “Silver Psunami” responds to Seniors’ needs


SENIORS’ MATTER – “It is time for all to shake hands”

Challenge to YOU – One of the most important lessons ALL SENIORS’ need to learn and start to practice is to work together toward common goals.  Spoken from my vantage point to all Seniors’ at the start of a new year.  I believe,” The significant challenge to all Seniors’ and by extension Seniors’ Organizations, like major groups, such as CARP or COSCO who boast thousands of members and many affiliates, is for all of us to harness our collective energies and influences”.  To incorporate into our respective objectives/goals/values a genuine willingness to advocate unequivocally, possibly several major initiatives & avenues, to achieve a common good for all Seniors’.   Simply, to be amenable to focus our individual and collective might to support a Seniors’ issue that may fall outside our self-interests..

  • Advocacy for Seniors’ needs must broach the “political terms of office, notably 4 year terms”, wherein the first 2-3 years, notably first two, Government make all the “tough mean-spirited decisions, think Ferry fares, appointment of Seniors’ Advocate” that impact most drastically upon the lives of Seniors’, then during last 1 or 2 years in office try to “buy back” favour by giving minor handouts. We must develop a persistence, to never accept “NO” as the final answer., rather the beginning of our mutual quest.  We will be undaunted in our quest, but equally we may take on a more assertive or pro-active role, at times.  Thus, we must become recognized as a force & power to reckon with politically. To this end, we must share the conviction to be unrelenting, prepared to picket, boycott, write Letters to The Editor and do all within our collective efforts. 
  • “if a fool can muster sufficient votes, he/she can be elected/re-elected”, so exercise your VOTE, do your due diligence about Candidates and VOTE wisely, not as an uninformed follower. Support Candidates who support Seniors’.



Since 1995 I and other worldwide Animal Advocates have warned of various issues but successive Governments (controlled Scientists) have ignored, diverted attention and caused their own “spin” to effectively lie to the Public and to hide truths.  Many in the Media seem to have been complicit insofar as Investigative Journalism and the expose Documentary, have been fleeting, with notable exceptions.  The recent Frontline Documentary on “Fracking” or dealing with “Super Bugs”, to recent Mercy Investigation into Pig cruelty featured on W-5, to abuses at Chicken/Turkey processors, the shocking expose’ on “Sand” among other important topics, are not widely advertised, so a massive void of information and facts is withheld from the Public.  In part, may be an attempt to not (worry) the Public but so much abuse/harm is being created, frankly, it is overwhelming.

Since 1995 I and other Advocates have raised awareness about “Mad Cow Disease” to at every turn, have Government deny any possibility that disease could spread from one species to another, such as Sheep scapies to Cattle, yet, lo and behold the advent of major world-wide outbreaks of yes, you guessed it, “Mad Cow Disease”, near decimating the Cattle industry, to this day.  In the same vein, we have alerted Government about possible advent of “Super Bugs” as a result of continuing over-use of anti-biotics in Factory Farm Animals and over prescribed to Humans, with expected Government denial and ignoring the issue, until, yes, again now the world-wide alarm and pending panic at family deaths from once benign forms of Bacteria’s and no anti-biotic’s to remedy.Read   

The issues abound, such as Open-Net Fish Farming in BC waters affecting wild stocks, that a solution exists, such as self-contained inland fish farms and we allude to many issues in our subsequent and past News To You.  Yet the perpetuation of immense greed inspired policies and (weakened) Legislation/ACTS persists, almost unabated, with Government lying out of ‘both sides of their (collective) mouths”, either out of the most extreme ignorance, or is it indifference or is a “greed” inspired motivation permeating all political parties and a near totally impotent Media, possibly a by-product of conglomerate ownership denying the Public crucial information?  It is perceived Government stifling Scientists persists and the “Whistleblower” is not recognized for (their) major importance to the Public and World-wide education pertaining to (specific) issues they go public about but instead of persecution the “Whistleblower” deserves a medal and encouragement, to protect public interests and hold Politicians feet to the fire, from the very Government we elect to provide,  a “Government for the People by the People”.  Recent attempts, in part thwarted, causing the Government to weaken their “Fair Election Act”, atrocious legislation proposed and successfully challenged.

A major point we make is, there are actually people who have no interest or care about Humans or Animals Health and well-being, for example, just a massive narrow focused greed inspired bent to make money at any cost.  Yes and too many seemingly, in Government, who subscribe to this ilk and thus amend Legislation to abandon any infrastructure to deal with issues raised, to stifle political expression, such as found in lack of resolve or Legislation, to control “Fracking, use of Sand, Water, failure to Inspect adequately Farm food Animals, open-net Fish Farms and on and on”, with little to no improvement on the horizon or is there?


George F. Evens is the  featured Senior in October 31, 2013 Edition of Mission Seniors’ Living 55 Plus, that you can refer to as a base, then each month a new Senior will be featured in each Editions of Seniors 55 Plus. Here is a link to the Mission Seniors’ Living 55 Plus, published in the Mission City Record, the last Friday monthly. The e-edition is available at 



  • HOMELESS & MENTAL ILLNESS  DEMANDS RESPECT and those in (power) who lack compassion and empathy, or the simple gesture to be respectful, ought to be turfed out of office, as unbecoming stewards of decency and respect fo fellow humans and their Pets.

o   Pertaining to “Homeless” the key is working with (them), compassion, innovation, high priority to housing first.

o   Pertaining to “Mental Health”, it is crucial to identify as a lifelong issue, not stopping upon age 19 years.  Thus, regardless of source of Mental Health Patient, whether from Government Foster Care or otherwise, the individual must be assured of continuing care, as required to meet needs and continuity of care, treated as an individual.

o   Drug Addiction, starts with “Harm Reduction” but addicts must be granted counselling and facilities to deal with their problems.



This ‘infamous’ increasingly popular broad category distinction, the recognized recipients are the  most deserving, the misguided, arrogant, self-centered & truly ignorant among us – sadly, the lowest form of Humanity living among us but the “deliberately stupid” category is a truly heartfelt distinction not that many, fortunately, can aspire to & attain this award.  As well, to include (some) being the most repugnant people in the World; People who know better and/or (once) being informed “should know better” but instead make a conscious decision, often greed inspired or self-interest ideological motivation but totally devoid of conscience and often outwardly narcissist or psychopathic behaviour.

  • Jumping into the lead of lunacy perpetuated is the continued debacle over Marijuana (Pot) and recent Government revelations attacking Justin Trudeau for his enlightened view and decision to make (Pot) legal, frankly the only sensible political action to be taken.  The long “war on crime” that while initially understandable and ideal in (concept) immediately falls apart in the execution and adoption of regulations, some ideology based, increased incarceration, extremely costly “warehousing” of Criminals, many that should have incurred different penalty, such as “Community Service or Home Arrest” or fines components, versus lengthy costly incarceration.  Indeed, any incarceration that does not include a segment of education, counselling, training & re-entry to Society assimilation steps, is redundant & useless.  Simply, the penalty must meet the severity of the crime.  Thus, Pot ought to be legal and like cigarettes or liquor, include applicable health warnings.  That, like “prohibition” of ages gone by & an ignorant mind-set, that sadly still prevails, in some people today, only spawns criminal elements and vast profits for criminals, so review and legalize, as warranted.  A similar approach needs to be taken with the likes of Prostitution, as well.  But first, identify who the individuals holding back progress are, either terminate bureaucrats or elect politicians of a more astute mind who do not seek to perpetuate mindless error after error for the sake of ideology or lack of vision or innovative ideas.  Thus, identify persons conjuring up attempts to, via more attack ads, seek to demean or discredit Justin Trudeau, among others presumably, rid political parties of this ilk and start to act in enlightened mutually respectful manner.  One glaring anomaly is the renewed charges against Tim Felger, clearly an injustice and persecution type of law enforcement by, at best, idiots lacking judgment and commonsense, who, at the earliest opportunity ought to be identified and culled from office, as perpetrating the motive of injustice.
  • A close second that epitomizes acts against Canadians borderline treasonous, particularly when done from a self-interest and self-serving motivation, under the false guise of our Health Care System “providing health care according to a person’s needs rather than his ability to pay, is unconstitutional.  Such lunacy, from a Doctor nonetheless is lunacy, at best and if a successful BC Supreme Court challenge starting September 8, 2014 is successful Canada would become on par with inferior US system because of one fools greed and stupidity.
  • Government failure to regulate the use, licencing, certification of operating the “DRONE” device, location where it can fly, as the potential for numerous (dangerous) infractions exist, I think, from “privacy” invasion of a person’s expectation of privacy, spying into homes, notably high rise apartments, to safety of use, to strong likelihood of dangerous operation and an accident waiting to happen.  How can a person be licenced to sell this product without Aviation Board approvals, simply, beyond Military or Law Enforcement use, it is perceived a novice can buy a “drone” decide to fly it anywhere they want.  This is stupidity beyond the pale, a remiss Government placing safety at the whim of potential careless operators, and why would anyone even consider flying one of these “drones” unregulated?  One good application would be Agriculture Berry Farms, selective use, maybe to augment Falcons, to replace the useless Propane Cannon


  • For a third month, now at the TOP of the “stupid” list a three-part related topic, notably is “Anti-Biotic resistant Bacteria” with the World Health Organization (WHO) raising alarm about the severity and impact around the World of this menacing threat to Humans, many dying from simple infections once eradicated by an Anti-Biotic, now some treatment for certain strains is futile, this can impact all of us & our families

                            I.          Government condoning Factory Farms using anti-biotics which is impacting upon creation of “super bugs” and anti-resistance to anti-biotics which is becoming very dangerous for Humans and our ability to combat bacteria’s.  An immediate order to STOP using anti-biotics in Animals is desperately needed now!

                           II.          Governments (around the World) failure to appoint a singular & co-ordinated approach Ministry to research, develop, administer and control new Anti-Biotic medicines, to eradicate outbreaks of Gram Negative Bacteria and “super-bugs” by any other name

                         III.          Government, Boards of Directors & CEO and Shareholders of Pharmaceutical Companies who adopt “Port Folio Management decisions over the well-being and health of Humans”, extreme greed inspired and essentially condoning crimes against humanity, no matter how you care to look at or rationalize matters, this repugnant mentality and wrong philosophy must cease.

  • Government failure to abandon use and prohibit pesticides that are killing our BEE populations.
  • Government failure to prohibit “Trophy Hunting” and in particular “Grizzly Bear hunts” or repugnant ‘Seal Hunts” is perpetuating cruel and inhumane treatment and death of many wonderful wild life creatures, to make a “buck” and is symptomatic of extreme ignorance & no sensitivity. Sustainability is not the criteria to proceed, rather cruel and inhumane killing for sport is the dilemma, thus sensible and compassionate goals are criteria to be met
  • Government and Boards of Director or CEO of varied Companies who knowingly lobby and/or to omit Legislation that is in place to protect interests of the World Communities, from Humans to Animals to Water species, Habitats, Environment, Water, Air & Lands but not limited to these alone, whereas Legislation was/is set forth in best interests but certain (Individuals) will seek to make profit at any cost and cost to any thing, greed inspired and self-interest motivated, with no thought or caring toward others, who in manifesting their greed cause irreparable harm or injury, thus Legislation is required immediately to prevent, to restore and to penalize those found guilty of perpetuating crimes against Humanity, imposed retroactively, upon elected Politicians, Boards, CEO and Companies guilty of deemed infractions, offences that while excluded from appropriate enforcement did not meet due diligence tests, rather were subject to willful and manipulation by persons in authority who exceeded authority and collusion to divert protections, to instead to manifest in harm to recipients intended to be protected by former legislation.
  •  initially, must not be condoned and thus a severe penalty imposed for any violation, ranging from million dollar+ fine to individuals to multi-billion dollar fines to Companies.  Other positions may be added to those mentioned and issues deemed requiring regulation.
  • initially, all infractions need to be stipulated, perpetrators identified and selected for prosecution, shall include but not be limited to “approvals to eliminate legislation governing “Fracking”, from former established penalties covered under but not limited to “Water or Environmental Protection Acts”; 4.1 billion litre’s of contaminated water may be pumped into just one well since 1968; thus, waste water must be tracked after disposal; lack of enforcement of environmental regulation, reduced staff, inspections and environmental convictions have dwinbled.  A related aspect of Mining, must find tailing ponds and resulting containment, including a multitude of harmful ingredients of minerals must be regulated, diminished in size and length of containment to eliminate potential of dam breaching
  •  “Drug Manufacturing”, decisions to cease ongoing Research and Development or Manufacture of effective Anti-Biotic drugs to eradicate all forms of bacterial infections;
  • In all instances, a civic oversight department needs to be created, to investigate with full enforcement powers and in doing so adopt the philosophy “Human, Animal, Land, Air, Water health take precedence over so-called “Port Folio Management decisions” implying ‘Stakeholder Investors take precedence over all else, fundamental principles that must be paramount in the World markets & Governments.
  • critical steps must be established, as priorities, like rebuilding trust, respect, empathy and lawful enforcement  Therefore, honesty and good character must be the goals to be accepted.
  • In all instances restitution to Victims for all damages or costs to property, livestock, humans; ongoing free medical care & attention

Some further issues warranting a second look, as mentioning once may not impress nor reach a large enough audience, include

  • Federal Government plan to reduce Health Care transfer payment from 6.0% to 3.0% at a time of increasing needs but on the positive, another nail in the coffin of not being re-elected, as Citizens continue to be ignored and offended
  • BC Provincial Government plans to increase Ferry Rates, MSP premiums and complicity in BC Hydro rate increases, rather than innovative plans that would realize reductions in rates.  This perpetuation of increased cost, particularly to fixed-income residents is repugnant and indeed is a self-inflicted wound to a Government devoid of caring about families, less fortunate and a further reason to retract voting support.
  • BC Government Bill 24 Agriculture Land Reserve (ALR) proposed changes, with the intent to “reduce independence of Agriculture Land Commission (ALC)” begs a second look and some sane decision making beyond political ideology motivations by apparently inept body undertaking the current review – stop and start again with honourable objectives to strengthen this important Act.
  • Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) epitomizes the phrase, “ oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” an estimated 12 Countries participating, a Free Trade area covering much of the Pacific Rim. Fear exists toward censoring content of one component to centralize control over Internet, what you can watch and share online.  For more information view the “Stop the secrecy plan” at US President & Canada Prime Minister need to rethink their role in this potential travesty and start to represent the democratic entitlement of Citizens, stop “TPP” in present form.The first glaring step missing is public trust and confidence, that we need politicians to be frank about what trade deals are for and where the costs and benefits lie; second, that evidence exists the deal is good and meets needs of Canadians, so deals like CETA and TPP hinge upon credibility and sadly, none exists with current Government or Negotiators, so cynicism prevails and fear at bad deals emerging to the detriment of Canadian jobs, values and culture.
  • Hence, people in Government agencies that, instead of observing principles and good judgment, succumb to “stupidity” and make decisions along some ideology inspired Government platform, deserve to be terminated at not fulfilling their departmental mandates and indeed expectation of Canadians, who demand protections of our land, air, water and species that habitat same.  Thus, placing oil interests above whole society protection is repugnant, at best.
  • Genetically Modified (GMO) Foods – “If there is no risk and nothing to hide, label foods as GMO”.  A GMO label ought to specify what has been done to the original product, why, how it was altered and why?  Indeed, if Food & Drug Administration Agencies have approved safe use, the Consumer can trust the product – right?
  • Government who perpetuate the senseless and antiquated need to “use live Animals for testing and training”, retrograde practices that must cease immediately.
  • Medical practitioners who fail to provide “best” treatment to Patients in favour of less expensive and inferior tests, such as “treadmill to assess heart conditions, instead of more effective heart imagining and use of radioactive injection”; Mamogram instead of more effective Ultra Sound but it is the principle moreso, we develop better ways but then don’t use them, using cost, just as the CEO of a Pharmaceutical company justifies not addressing health needs of all because of a morally repugnant “port folio management” giving preference to Shareholders over people in need, that will witness abandoning anti-biotic development, which may in due course cause many unnecessary deaths and seemingly Government sit idly by and watch, again a state in civilization progress or is it ultimate greed inspired selfish self-important needs and wants of the small minority, that often live off the hardships of less fortunate like the so-called “slum landlord” another blight on Society,
  • Spousal violence, Child abuse & neglect perpetuated by senseless (Politicians) that is the face of numerous solutions seek to exacerbate resolution out of sheer ignorance and negligence, resulting in totally unnecessary pain and suffering because, in large part, a lack of “political will” to do what is needed and right, to increase the severity of enforcement, reporting and punishment. 
  • The Public witness time after time, for example, the efforts by Child & Family Advocate, to bring remedy and the negative Government refrain to act with good conscience, such as current efforts pertaining to Computer Records.  Indeed, the same ignorant mind-set exists in vain attempts to deal effectively with Teachers and the endless bafflegab, “spin” and futile rhetoric.  Sadly, we seem to be dealing with an ilk, too many in existence currently, that are near totally misdirected and lacking resolve and conviction but possibly the near total lack of competence to proceed effectively, so they offer “bafflegab” to retain status-quo. Hence, people in Government, Bureaucrats, Political Party  agencies that, instead of observing principles and good judgment, succumb to “stupidity” and make decisions along some ideology inspired Government platform not on Scientific facts, deserve to be identified and terminated, at not fulfilling their mandates and indeed expectation of Canadians, who demand protections of our land, air, water and species that habitat same.  Thus, placing “big oil”, for example, interests above whole society protection of Humans & Animals, is repugnant, at best.  Authors of “Political Attack Ads” that harm political parties and many other examples are alluded to in our documents provided, but the gist of our heartfelt recommendations are to cull the offenders from our political or Health Care, for example, lives and replace with properly vetted people with deserved respect for their humanity, quality and good deeds.
  • Government failures to effectively address “Climate change” and its many components, such as, “Rising Ocean Acidic water”, causing marine die offs like recent Scallop die-off.  Proven Human caused carbon dioxide emissions in atmosphere are being absorbed by the Oceans.
  • While we applaud BC Government appointment of a Seniors’ Advocate per se, we decry the ill-advised approach by the BC Government to create as a member of the Health Ministry, reporting to the Minister, whereas, this must be an independent position, an Independent Officer of the Legislature, such as Child & Family Advocate, Ombudsperson, Auditor General, etc., so we proceed cautiously with support but shall maintain a strong lobby to amend this short-sighted plan.  Seniors’ are becoming a “major political force” and it is obvious Government seek to minimize this (threat) to dictatorial government approach, by not permitting Seniors’ a foundation or effective force, hence (controlling budget, authority and independence) in keeping with the perceived micro-managing exuded by sadly, too many inept MLA’s & Leader, who have failed to create effective governance. To exacerbate conditions, Linda Larson has been reassigned from Parliamentary Secretary for Seniors’, who by all accounts, in the job for maybe a year was responsive, has been replaced by (youngster) Michelle Stilwell, which is symptomatic of the contempt some display toward Seniors’ issues and, in part, why we have no confidence or trust in Government actions thus far as having any credibility or sincerity of purpose.
  • Government failure to remain “sitting” for most of the year, which clearly displays and is the crux of the utter contempt toward voters and a clear lack of leadership, insofar as elected politicians ought to be reviewing current Legislation, all the applicable issues stated in this document requiring amendment, debating needed changes, keeping the Public informed via “question Periods” and generally taking pro-active governance steps, that sitting in Constituency offices most of the year is redundant and waste of manpower.
  • Government failure to address the serious and growing phenomenon and huge dilemma of “unnecessary, unhealthy noises” of all types, in context and perspective to the harm being caused.  Unlike the ignorance & indifference, not forgetting self-interest, of too many oft described as the “red neck” among us, noise is serious if it causes sleep deprivation, alienates neighbours, destroys enjoyment of one’s home.  It is time for all to realize “because they enjoy noises, like roaaar of dragster, squeal and horns of trains, booooom box or incessantly barking uncontrolled Dog (which illustrates lazy & irresponsible Guardians), noise must be taken more serious as a Community threat;
  • Municipal Mayors & Councillors are the major cause of Animal abuses, overpopulations of Cats, cruelty to Dogs, spawning “puppy & kitten mills”, in part, at failing to adopt effective Bylaws, such as but not limited to, “Basic Care & Handling provisions, no Dog tethering, inadequate specification for shelter/runs and fenced yards; inadequate spay & neuter, that without “Breeding Permit” provision is a weak ineffective bylaw”; the second culprit is Veterinarians, who fail to provide low-cost or free spay & neuter clinics/blitzes to eliminate over population, instead monopoly high costs prevent people from taking action, due to cost, to fix their Pet; the third factor is Humane Shelters failing to commit to taking in unwanted Cats, regardless of their situation, simply, the Public rely upon Volunteer Humane Societies to rescue animals and not be told when mustering effort to catch and take the animals to a Shelter, only to be told, “we are full”, which seriously erodes public confidence, diminishes will to donate which seriously can impact on (budgets revenue) and does not bode well for Government funding to continue and finally too expensive to adopt a Cat (often over $ 100.00), which seems to be exacerbated by the folly of some to try and break-even by charging adoption cost to recoup cost of spay or neuter, tattoo, shots which creates a “catch-22” scenario and further stress upon Volunteers to fund raise, given (some where no Animal Control agreement is in place) Municipal Councils are remiss to adequately fund Humane Societies via fee-for-service-grants what it may cost the Municipality to operate the Shelter.
  • Corporations lacking integrity, commitment & loyalty to Canada, those “Tax Dodging Corporations” that practice “Corporate Inversions to avoid paying taxes”, must be penalized for tax avoidance measures retro-active ideally, but “plug all loopholes” regulate operations and STOP tax evasion,  STOP losing tax dollars out of greed inspired governance by borderline criminal leaders evading tax for self-interest greed.
  • Free Trade is a double-edged sword insofar as a minority benefit but most lose, individuals lose vast numbers of everyday good paying jobs to off-shore, think China & India and Corporation make excessive profits (think NIKE runners before free trade retail cost $ 130.00 and after free-trade retail $ 130.00) – Of course, BUT who pocketed the difference, plus apply this logic to most every item imported.  BUT course, who lost the Canadian jobs to off-shore?  So, Government shell game to deceive the Public thinking Free Trade is good for Canada, but not you.
  • Government failure to establish National programs, to deal with “Long Term Care Homes” in safe, compassionate facilities (ie: Saskatchewan Care Home model); Permit Seniors to remain in family homes by providing increased Homeowner Grants, dramatically increased Tax Return Pension deductions beyond current $2000.00 Federal or $ 1000.00 BC, to minimum $ 10,000.00 (Age 65) and $15,000.00 (Age 70); to commence a National dementia care plan, include (effective) components of Denmark experience
  • Provincial, Municipalities & Cities failure to establish independent civil “Police Boards” to govern Police, with dramatically improved training methods, including compassionate resolution, dealing with Mentally challenged, Homelessness, eliminate excessive force aspects, particularly “deadly force” and a new commitment to “serve & protect” citizens, not employ (bullying tactics) or sense of immune to public scrutiny pursuing “Police State” venue.
  • Everyone must come to realize, noises are harmful, hence, “A fundamental understanding that unnecessary incessant noise is unhealthy, harmful to babies, children and adults alike. Noise in any form is a cause of health concerns, whether as intrusive as a hot tub or air conditioner pump at a neighbours, to increasing disturbance of peace and quiet, including sleep deprivation, by boom box stereos, incessantly barking Dogs, train whistles during quiet of night, noisy mufflers of motorcycles or vehicles, to dragster noise, offensive and useless propane cannons used by more inept Farmers instead of effective bird scare devices, they all culminate in creating health problems, from heart conditions, to hearing loss, to sleep deprivation, to neighbour alienation, to disturbing peace & quiet of ones home. Government failure to adopt legislation to prohibit unnecessary noises is repugnant and dereliction of duty of an elected person to represent Constituents. A more informed look is needed by all, including use of train whistles at controlled crossing and emergency vehicles during nighttime hours when no traffic present, a fundamental understanding that all such noises are impacting upon a families health”.
  • SPAM LAW is overkill, including the scope of the law, the unreasonable heavy penalties, based upon to ambiguous and ill-conceived legislation, too vague and confusing, at best.  The vast problem and SPAM generally comes from outside Canada and Government is powerless to do anything about it and sadly, if not amended, new legislation has potential to create far more problems than it prevents. As an aside, Government and agencies like CRTC would serve Canadians better, addressing real problems, such as “ALL incoming phone messages must state name & phone number of ALL callers”.  Thus, the plan as established ought to be abandoned.
  • Government failure to penalize Guardians who take their Pet out in vehicles, or transport unrestrained or protected in rear of pick-up truck (at any time) but specifically on “HOT DAYS” a Pet can be dead in as little as 10 minutes, Guardians need to be fined a minimum $ 500.00 per Animal, for either infraction and Pets perceived in distress may be rescued, including the breaking of a vehicle window by any rescuer and they absolved from all liability.  As well, Government failure to amend the Criminal Code to make “cruelty” a self-evident infraction and no need to prove wilfull, as simply, the obvious condition of cruelty and inhumane actions is self-evident and distress of an Animal self-evident fact.  Proclaiming Animals as sentient-beings, capable of feeling & fearing pain must be established and thus removal of Animals as “property” must be abandoned from Legislation.
  • Government abuse of Military personnel, including but not limited to, “All Military inquiries need to be taken out of hands of the Military and transferred to a civilian coroner’s inquest with transparency of all circumstances surrounding death of all Military”
  • Government to scrap mandatory withdrawls entirely from RRSP & RIFF’s
  • Government “Big Brother” tactics, by Government Operations Centre (GOC) to compile info on all demonstrations seems to be a clear breach of our Charter Rights.  Such as, keeping track of Citizens who might disagree with Government policy is a tenet of Dictatorship
  • Local Fraser Valley Government failure to adequately fund local Humane & Wild Animal refuge centre’s, notably FVRD (specifically lead Community City of Abbotsford) dismal effort to recognize immense value to the Fraser Valley, that Elizabeth’s Wildlife Centre provide, placing near total accountability upon caring Volunteers to fill the massive funding void created by elected Council, not unlike approach Abbotsford similarly takes toward Homeless unfortunate, disgraceful leadership, at best.  Not to be outdone, Mission ignores most needs of Fraser Valley Humane Society – one must ask, “is there something in the Fraser Valley water that creates numbness of compassion”?
  • World compassion must be given to Democratic Republic of Congo & Kenya, as but two failures in preventing Animal cruelty and road to extinction, not unlike harm to Orangutans, that witness mass poaching.  The World, notably to focus upon Asian Countries, must seek to prohibit import of “ivory” or “bush meat”, as repugnant and to commence a “kill poacher on site approach” to illustrate the serious nature and outcome of continued poaching.

“New”, In my opinion – The “Political” future is unfolding with cautiously optimistic opportunities

  • “In my opinion” I am inclined to believe Chris Turner new book “The war on science” when he concludes “Canada is becoming a ‘narrow, mean place’, a Country “where policy determines the facts and evidence is shaped to fit political goals”,  Like myself, “I hope this revelation makes every Canadian angry”? One fundamental error by the Government was elimination of the vast array of facts needed, by their elimination the long-form census but as we lift the veil, we may find an increasing number of similar retrograde steps to eliminate infrastructures needed by Canadians, not unlike the V.P in US spearheading the elimination of Public protections covered under Acts, such as Water Act and massive harm now being caused to Humans, Animals, Water, Land & Air by “Fracking” unregulated and no Public recourse, as we perceived being orchestrated in Canada by similar wrong actions by Government, now coming to public attention and increasing public protests. Simple & fundamental change is needed, to “Political Parties & System”, abandoning “Leader dictatorship” and “creating effective Recall”, reinstating the Constituent as the primary beneficiary.
  • “In my opinion”,  I believe “COMMUNICATION” skills are the key to success and” TRUST” is the Biggest issue.  To this end, Canadians are likely to VOTE Centre-Right next Federal election 2015 and it is perceived the Liberals will move quickly to solidify their position accordingly.  Justin Trudeau is perceived a man of “depth, substance and principle” albeit current perceptions may indicate still a little immature as a statesperson but he can be allowed some unintentional indiscretions, in this vein, as not mean-spirited nor malicious in nature, and time will develop skills and maturity needed.  By contrast, Stephen Harper has been touted as a “man of depth, substance & principle” but sadly, epitomizes failure to strengthen and create an inclusive Canada.
  • In my Opinion, Government is perpetuating the lack of trust Canadians have in Government, that, for example as far back as 1995 when I and other Advocates raised alarm about “Mad Cow Disease’ and were lied to, that “no, Sheep “scapies” were not being fed to Cattle” but lo and behold what emerged and near decimated Cattle industry, right, “Mad Cow disease”.  Around the same time we alerted Governments to prohibit use of anti-biotics in Farm Animals, again dismissed and told “not to worry” but now, coupled with an alarming lack of diligence by Doctors among others, the excessive and unnecessary use of anti-biotics for near everything, including untreatable virus, we witnessed a compounding of anti-biotic uses and yes, now “Super Bugs” but sadly, thus far, noone is held accountable, a process we have recommended change and some Government and others suffer enforcement & penalty.  We extend to this list Boards & CEO, as stated elsewhere, of Pharmaceutical Companies, who are maliciously failing Canadians by adopting a “Port Folio Management decision” process, placing all Canadians at risk and we submit this malicious and aforethought known outcome is an act against Humanity and deserves the fullest extent of prosecution under the law, as this mindset and dereliction of trust and responsibility must not go unresolved.
  • In my Opinion, one of the most galling and annoying aspects of Politics, in addition to the perceived “Entitlement” belief of many, is the low ebb of Public trust and confidence, the feeling by same Politicians “they can do what they want because they can” mentality, presumably unchallenged but even a small success like (recently) having BC Politicians post online receipts/expenses monthly or the Federal Government amend some atrocious “Fair Election Act” proposals is a small gesture of regaining some accountability and transparency but a long way to go still.  The other facts are the galling belief by so many, “if they say it, it is true, trust me”, which given circumstances, this is folly, at best. But given the entitlement and power of forming a majority Government combined with the “dictatorial” entitlement Leaders assume, the oft maligned “mandate” is tossed out frequently, but in fact, is a misnomer to the Public/Voter other than the Public is, like actions by current Federal Government, who stifle Scientists and others, eliminate infrastructures and so forth, in some vein attempt to solidify their power along ideological and party line, to the chagrin of the vast majority of Canadians.  But because of such apathy and indifference by too many, failure to speak-out, challenge or protest, we give entitlement to poor leadership and must, on the surface, succumb to their will.
  • In my Opinion, the saying, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” fits too many scenarios, just as too many believe they are invincible to public opinion but these same powerful people time after time repeat history as complete Governments are tossed out, CEO’s of major corporation are fired, Spokespersons of varied organizations are quickly replaced when they themselves come under adverse public scrutiny, Public personalities in Media often lose popularity and “bang they are gone in an instance”, the point being, abuse of power in the public eye will create needed change eventually.  Too often, such as current Federal Government who being self-obsessed and “all powerful” in their view are incurring massive public unrest “just under the surface” and like a volcano eruption will blow at the first opportunity, think next election. Further, while Media is at an all-time low in “dumbing down” media coverage, with notable exceptions, one being the progressive online media who provide all facts, whereas too many traditional media follow a censorship model and remain in denial, often only portraying local Government in “good light”, so as to “not bite the hand that feeds them presumably”.  As well, this local media sadly has succumbed to an at any cost mindset “revenue prevails over all else” and too often papers become an extension of the massive content of flyers by bringing advertisers to overpower the print paper with ads, as well, denying often, public opinions and informative columns and stories.  A current dilemma that possibly explains our case is the Abbotsford Police Media Spokesperson presumably arbitrarily denying the local Abbotsford TODAY further media releases because he (possibly) feels some perceived slight.  Given City of Abbotsford horrific reputation dealing with the Homeless situation it is not too hard to imagine the APD approach may be an extension and thus attempt to deny public facts or evidence derogatory to City of Abbotsford, essentially censoring media and further “dumbing down” media. This was an ill-conceived, bad judgment call, presumably made by the Chief Constable, which seems to perpetuate ongoing bad judgment, like police harassing Homeless, the “chicken poop incident” and thus “change” may be needed at Mayor/Police Board Chair and Police Chief, as (personal) actions are detrimental to relations with the Public, but worse, incumbents do not realize the folly of their dictatorial spawned actions.


“LEARNING PAGE” –   Our story this month reflects back to a growing concern of Seniors’ notably need for creating inclusive Communities, from an Age-Friendly perspective and defeating “Ageism & Seniors’ Abuse”…..

…..  Some retrospection will identify a road to follow …..BUT, First, (our focus)  Seniors’ & a (story) that needs to be told “Ageism & Abuse”

  • To combat ageism and resulting abuse, we all need to challenge the myths, the erroneous notions that Seniors’ lives are less valuable, don’t deserve respect or seniors’ do not feel emotional pain and the senior s’ are largely responsible for growing health care costs.
  • Informed seniors’ can prevent negative stereotypes of aging and combat perceptions by younger generations viewing seniors’ as different.  Instead we need to create positive stereotypes of aging, in that older people are wise, caring & involved.
  • Sometimes ageism takes on a disdain and dislike, such as avoiding contact with older people, perceptions of seniors’ being weak, frail, disabled, being treated different ,often meaning (less), less valued, capable and thus “ageism” rises.
  • Ageism often surfaces in discriminatory practices and services of all kinds, often where greater social value is given to people without impairments. Indeed, often Seniors’ are perceived “having outlived their usefulness” and lifelong contributions are overlooked.
  • Ageism often manifests in how visible Seniors’ are in society and some seek to marginalize & make them feel unwelcome.
  • There are wide differences among seniors’ in their chronological age and avoidance of creating impressions of being possessions, not as individuals, so it is common to see people seldom think their actions are ageist.  Seniors’ may witness authorities not believing them, discounted out of hand, not considering harm as serious or unreliable memories of seniors’.  Rationalizing financial abuse or that older adults have less right to their money or property than younger family members, perpetuate the negative attitude towards older people.
  • Ageism equates to fewer public resources available for abused seniors’ than other groups.
  • Ageism, discrimination and abuse are all inter-related within a social attitude.
  • Ageism thrives out of ignorance, thus education and challenging someone disparaging a senior, correcting inaccuracy and to let them know comments are hurtful or offensive.  As Senior advocates we must create bridges to connect the lifespans of all age groups, to create, sometimes (politically) environments that advocate greater acceptance of seniors’ in society.
  •  Sadly, many Seniors’ can be their own worst enemies, failing to get involved, demand improvements and rights, to unite in purpose and often to criticize behavior of other elderly people.
  • The District of Mission and notably Municipal Councils, of the past, epitomize the governance and approaches that have been remiss to address Seniors’ needs, to eliminate loneliness, to create a camaraderie and instill a pride of belonging, by, in part, the simple gesture to establish a Seniors’ Activity Centre.
  • The Elder Citizen Action Coalition (ECAC) share these observations with the Public in a hope the issue may be recognized, unacceptable behavior changed and Seniors given due respect and benefits to enhance their lives.



“We are only limited by the Imagination, Vision & Competence of our Leaders”

  1. The Mission “CRMG Slate” came to Mission but after a transitionary two years, stabilizing of core services/Budget at no increase, the “Slate developed serious cracks, Campaign Manager and four (4) Councillors resigned from CRMG, the Mayor’s ineptness and Councils general demeanour started to strain and has imploded.
  2. Mission VOTERS need to carefully select a new Mayor & Councillors but two crucial aspects of the election are obvious
  • Seniors’ hold the balance of power and if we band together we will elect the new Council
  • Seniors’ VOTE, thus read “News To You” and follow The Elder Citizens Action Coalition (ECAC) guidance.
  • Several issues stand out this election, included but are not limited to (refer #3 and #4 below)
  1. To borrow up to $ 50,000.00 to renovate & upgrade the Dog Pound and to add a new structure to accommodate Cats as a shelter, in so doing, establish a minimum $ 85,000.00 annual operating Budget for Cat Control.
  2. To (consider) borrowing up to $ 6 million dollars to build a cement slab structure, Parkade, Seniors’ Activity Centre on District owned land (either) adjacent the Leisure Centre, including Seniors’ Housing from 300-600 sq ft to other low-cost and market value housing, in close proximity to the exercise and amenities of the Leisure Centre (or) downtown on recently purchased old Buy-Low site, as an important “Civic Centre”, both on a Bus route and available parking.  Downtown also affords opportunity to increases downtown walking traffic


The Seniors’ Centre Task Force completed its review and made several recommendations, which we are essentially in agreement with per se, except we vehemently oppose, “reference to likelihood it may take several more years to see the centre built” which flies in the face of some 6-8 years already lost by former Council indifference, which has witnessed too many Seniors’ not being able to enjoy a facility in their lifetime, many having died, illness or disillusionment but enough is enough, we say, so an expedited process and development is demanded, that more Seniors’ will enjoy the facilities within their lifetime.  Candidates for Council ought to place this need as a high priority in their election campaign platform.

What do Politicians like the most about VOTERS?  Given most (Politicians) have an established group of “follow at any cost mentality supporters”, they love to witness low voter turnout, a thriving apathy and when the eligible VOTERS become aroused, seek “change” and a higher voter turn-out is anticipated, we occasionally find the “weak leave the sinking ship and not seek re-election”.

Last election witnessed 7363 voters (30.0%) permitting riddance of Mayor Atebe and most of Council.  This was up from 2008 – 5681 voters (25.1%).  So the question may be, can we increase voter turnout to ensure a change?  Why yes we can, if you get involved NOW and start by listening to ECAC!

  • Election Issue – Mission Council have joined Fraser Health Authority to impose pay parking at Mission Memorial Hospital in 5 years.  This must prompt expansion of ongoing (current) protest to eliminate pay parking at Hospitals, by adding a protest to prohibit FHA & Mission Council from proceeding with an agreement to add MMH to the list of Hospital charging (unacceptable) parking fees.  Ask each incumbent what they will do to change this decision, anyone not agreeing to stop this travesty does not deserve a VOTE.
  • ELECTION 2014” – Are Mission & Abbotsford Councils performing, who is/who is not? It is time to start planning our ‘election campaign’ to attract, if needed, a (New Mayor & Council).  CRMG (Mission) identified the successful process, a needed (SLATE) approach & typical campaign to achieve a renewal of Council, so let’s make more wise Candidate choices but the campaign process is before us.  Are any incumbents at Mission or Abbotsford not running for re-election? Seniors’ hold the balance of (votes) to elect a new Council.   In my opinion, both Abbotsford & Mission have the opportunity to win big, remember first is to get a Council majority of members elected, to control all votes, I believe that means elect at least 5 candidates at Abbotsford & 4 at Mission but a (strong) MAYOR is crucial to any expected success.
  • Incumbent Abbotsford Councillor Henry Braun, is a candidate for Mayor and in our opinion, the next Mayor, as he is perceived to hold most of the needed qualities of leadership.
  • “NEW” – Abbotsford First Electoral Society announce party & four Councillor Candidates.  Now, if they can interest Mayoralty Candidate Henry Braun to join & take the lead, they indeed may have a chance.
  • Incumbent (Mission) Councillor Tony Luck is rumoured to be contemplating a “run for Mission Mayor” and would run against incumbent Ted Adlem and (retread) Randy Hawes. If a strong Councillor candidate slate come forward to augment Tony, Mission will witness a new Council.


  •  “New Feature” – “What ever happened” –  BCNDP new Leader John Horgan, with a 34 seat opposition, not exactly a “disasterous loss by Adrian Dix” but the “spin” has been to play down the success achieved by NDP in last election, only really losing due to some 11 or so Green Candidates “stealing votes from NDP and result was a loss”, otherwise NDP would be now sitting BC Government, albeit hard for Media to understand.  John Horgan a good leadership choice with an apparent solidaritary of party.
  •  – Abbotsford Homeless may be helped with new Dignitarian Society  but isn’t this the third group formed but if pro-active may provide needed leadership and co-ordination of process and get results.


Some Important dates to remember

  • Thursday SEPTEMBER 4, 2014, 10:30am, Mission Seniors Centre Association- meeting at Mission Community Activity Centre  ALL SENIORS’ are encouraged to attend this meeting – JOIN or RENEW MSCA ($10 Annual dues – help plan activities – YOUR SENIOR VOICE, LEADERSHIP, SUPPORT & WISDOM is needed more than ever NOW! VOLUNTEERS are always needed.  But as a sign of solidarity and strength in numbers, ALL Seniors’ need to, at the very least, join the MSCA and become known as a supporter of Seniors’ needs.  By sad contrast, the perceived apathy and indifference generally, of voters and notably Seniors’ in this cause, convey weakness of spirit and yes, VOTES, to Politicians more impressed by (numbers), so don’t hesitate and weaken the Seniors’ resolve for recognition, get active and join MSCA now!
  • Thursday October 2, 2014, 10:30am “Guest Speaker from COSCO” (to be determined) meeting at Mission Community Activity Centre. Tell your Senior Colleagues and all try to attend please.


Note: Please email me any important Seniors’ dates throughout the year, that recognize any Seniors’ accomplishment or issues.

Some Important web.sites to become aware of & informed about Seniors’ issues


  • The Elder Citizen Action Coalition (ECAC) – ‘click’ CONTENTS.  The pro-active, private owned & operated “cutting-edge Leadership for Seniors’ in Canada” – Seniors’ unite & organize;NOW  on ECAC site, 23 pictures of the impressive “New” Pitt Meadows Seniors’ Activity Centre  (adjoining  “The Wesbrooke Seniors’Living Community”
  •  District of Mission Council   –  – watch Council meetings in progress LIVE VIA WEB CAST or check back anytime to view any topic or issue
  • COSCO “Council of Seniors Citizens’ Organizations” – 80 affiliated organizations; 85,000 senior members – The “Joys & Tears Conference” notes now posted – Possibly your Association should join COSCO?
  • MISSION SENIORS’ CENTRE ASSOCIATION (MSCA) – ALL SENIORS’ 55+ years of age should consider joining MSCA
  • CARP “ – A new vision of aging for Canada     – 60 Chapters,  Possibly your Association may benefit joining CARP?

NOTE: While it is obvious to the sane human being, increased effective inspection of the farm food animals is crucial to ensure safe food, the option of Consumers to go VEGAN is one popular and growing course and another is to ensure Farmed Food is grown humanely and safe, to punish severally any person who abuses any Farm Animal.  To assist Farmers and the Consumer, The Council (CLAW) developed a set of “MINIMUM STANDARDS” acceptable, thus any Farmer not meeting these standards ought to feel the full extent of a Consumer BOYCOTT.  REFER ‘click’ CONTENTS, ‘Wholesome & Humane Program’ for a detailed listing by Animal;  to witness some of the abuse ‘click’ ‘Gallery of Horrors’.

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