No Settlement Or Pay In Lieu For Teichroeb

By August 14, 2013Abbotsford News

The Abbotsford News revealed Tuesday that neither former Economic Development Manager Jay Teichroeb nor Bylaw Manager Gordon Ferguson received settlements from the City of Abbotsford when they left their jobs earlier this year. The News obtained the information as a result of a Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOI) request.

According to the News, Finance Manager Pat Sloanes received an $88,550 settlement along with the equivalent of two weeks wages in lieu of notice while Ferguson received the equivalent of 6.5 week’s pay in lieu of notice plus an additional unspecified $28,102 (equivalent to 3.5 month’s pay) though the documents obtained by the News do not specify any settlement agreement.

Teichroeb received no settlement and no pay in lieu of notice.

Under the BC Labour code the only two reasons for not receiving some form of settlement, working notice or wages in lieu of notice are if a person quits or is fired with cause.

On June 25 the Abbotsford Times reported that Teichroeb was on indefinite leave and would not be returning to his job.

The same day the City of Abbotsford’s new City Manager, George Murray announced a major restructuring of staff at City Hall totaling nine management positions and one union position citing the elimination of wasteful practices and bureaucracy.

Neither Teichroeb’s nor Ferguson’s positions have been eliminated.

On August 13 the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AJAC) announced that it has taken the next step in plans to collaborate with the Aerospace Industries Association of British Columbia (AIABC) on the revitalization of the provincial aerospace association by hiring Teichroeb to develop a launch strategy and implementation plan.

It has never been made clear if either Teichroeb or Ferguson left as a result of the June 4th Abbotsford Chicken Manure Homeless Incident and Murray has said he cannot comment on personnel matters.

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