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  • Deceit in Drugs says:

    Now what?

    That is the same question I asked after speaking to social service
    responders at the site this morning.

    Representiative from Min of Social development said, they were there to
    provide those without assistance help and the Salvation Army stated,
    they would be offered space @ their extreme weather shelter, it’s
    time available to be extended.

    When I inquired with the Ministry repres. and Salvation Army as to what
    would happen, once time ran out and no response.

    In answer to your question, “now, what?” Not a whole lot, except a whole lot of tax $$ used to go to court to have homeless removed out of Jubilee Park and policing costs and other organizational costs …
    cost..cost and more cost, which could have put into attempts to try
    to try new ways to help the homeless.

    If the businesses/investors in the ADBA area think the problem has been solved, they are in for a big surprise, because the homeless
    from jubilee Park have already zeroed in on another location.

    The problem of homeless sites scattered thruout the city and in abandoned squatter houses in our neighborhoods is still there,
    but, any money, which could help address the desire to not have
    the homeless campsites in the business areas of the city has now
    been spent on campsites removals, once again.

    Now, what?

    We are back to square one!

    Incompetence and lack of leadership resonates @ City Hall

    • Deceit in Drugs says:

      The worst part in all this is the treatment of the homeless people is
      very sad, indeed! So, many intellectual people and everybody keeps talking about what they need or do not need and the homeless person
      has been LOST in the shuffle!

  • rontaylor says:

    Meghann Coughlan’s letter is one bright spot in an otherwise dark, depressing story.

    If every parent was to raise their child with her sense of morality and a readiness to engage and empathise with those less fortunate we would looking at a future without the organised cruelty visible in Abbotsford.

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