Open Letter To Simon Gibson On The ALR

By May 10, 2014Letters, Pop Voice

Dear MLA Gibson,

I’m writing this morning to ask that you consider helping stop the passage of Bill 24 and to express my concerns about it’s design to undermine the ALR’s integrity.

I’m writing this morning to express my concerns about Bill 24’s design to undermine the ALR’s integrity and to ask for your help stop its passage.

The Market reminds us daily that it is neither our god, nor a benign or benevolent dictator. It has no special insight, foresight, wisdom nor does it have a moral compass. It cares only about itself.

The ALR was set up 40 years ago to protect farmland from the whims of Market’s arbitrary rapaciousness. Without the ALR’s intervention, farmland integrity is at risk and becomes beholden to the Market’s whims, by default. By that same default, BC constituents become liable bystanders to the outcome.

I am asking you to convince your fellow MLA’s to defeat Bill 24.

The ALR has done an excellent job providing reasonable farmland protection in long term best interest of BC.

I’m writing to ask for your support in upholding the ALR’s mandate as is.

I look forward to your timely response. Thank you.

Walter Neufeld

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