Silence On Abbotsford Heat Foundation Money

No one at the Abbotsford Heat Foundation, the Abbotsford Heat or the Calgary Flames seems to want to talk to Abbotsford Today about the money raised by the foundation.

We began last Monday, May 5th, trying to tell the story of the foundation and the money it raised in Abbotsford to do good works in Abbotsford.

We asked the Foundation, the Heat, the Flames … no one has replied.

While we continue to find out what happened to the money, we’re publishing a copy of our email request fro information. If any of you are talking to anyone from the foundation, the Heat or the Flames, maybe you could ask them for us. They don’t seem to want to talk to us.

May 5, 2014 –

We would like to do a story on the good works accomplished by the Abbotsford Heat Foundation and tie up the loose ends as the Heat’s relationship with Abbotsford winds down.

  1. Have you decided to close the Abbotsford Heat Foundation now that the Heat are no longer an Abbotsford team?
  2. Have you decided what will be done with the funds raised by the foundation now that the Abbotsford Heat are no longer an Abbotsford team?
  3. How much money was raised by the foundation during your time in Abbotsford?
  4. Would it be possible to publish a recap of the many projects and good works you accomplished during the existence of the foundation?
  5. Will you be issuing a press release or any sort of public announcement regarding what will happen to the foundation and a public accounting of the money raised and how it was spent?

We will publish your response as and when received. We will gladly publish any photos or statements about the foundation. If we forgot to ask anything please feel free to add any information, facts or statement you think will add to the story.

Thank you for helping us tell this story.

*We thought we were nice and polite

The Board of the Abbotsford Heat Foundation, according to its website (which hasn’t been update since last July of 2013), consists of:

  • Judy Sweeting
  • David Lane
  • Gerri Charles
  • Gord Holloway
  • Jay Teichroeb
  • Fred Strumpski
  • Dennis Giesbrecht
  • Brian Loughlin

We sent our request for information to the following people:

  • President of the Abbosford Heat: Ryan Walters
  • President and Chief Executive Officer: Ken King
  • President of Hockey Operations: Brian Burke
  • General Manager: Brian Burke
  • Special Asst to the GM: Craig Conroy
  • Vice President, Hockey Administration: Michael Holditch

None of them has responded.

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