Rachael Chatoor At Duke Of Dublin Sunday

Delta singer songwriter Rachael Chatoor will be performing at the Duke of Dublin in Abbotsford Sunday and, after you’ve listened to her music you may just want to drop in and see her live.

Chatoor has a unique and infectious, bluesy style that reveals a powerful voice which has been honed to near perfection. Her songs are deep, meaningful and fun and her command of the lyrics is exceptional.

Have a listen to some of her material here.

  • Everything Breaks
  • No Second chances
  • Overboard
  • Baby Blue
  • Mama Cried
  • Standing all the Way

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From Pinkribbon.org
Chatoor is a native of Vancouver and has been part of the local music scene since the early 90’s. She has worked as a solo artist as well as in collaboration with other musicians as a part of bands like Hitzone and Barracuda.

Barracuda, as the name suggests, formed as a tribute to Heart. At a recent show the band was joined onstage by Roger Fisher, Heart’s original guitarist, an experience Rachael describes as an “honor.”
Barracuda has a show coming up on June 7 at the Surrey Arts Centre.

In the studio, Rachael works with Mick Dalla Vee, bassist for Randy Bachman and Fred Turner, and member of power trio Cease and Desist. Mick recorded the song Standing all the Way for Rachael in 2008 to be included on a worldwide album release for Stupid Cancer and he has produced all of her music ever since.

Discussing the song’s impact on her life and career, Rachael says “Standing has brought me to many cancer related events and allowed me to support them, and my cover of Bill Henderson’s Baby Blue is something that helped me be a spokesperson for the Walk for Kids Help Phone.” As part of her role as a spokesperson, Rachael spoke to CTV about the Walk for Kids.


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