Remember To Vote On Saturday

By November 12, 20142014 Municipal Election

By Ken Wushke. Come Saturday morning at eight the municipal voting stations will be open for the last time in this election. If you haven’t gone to vote yet, this is your last chance to decide who you want to sit at the council table for the next four years.

And I would like to a moment to thank the many volunteers and supporters who have helped me run this campaign over the past five weeks.

From putting up a sign on your front yard to handing out brochures. People have help by designing the signs, leaflets, and website. And people have asked me to attend different community events, which I have been. And even just having a conversation to share with me your thoughts on our future has been very important to me. To everyone who helped out I would like to say thank you.

Come Saturday night I do not know if I will have a position on Abbotsford City Council. I will be just like you and find out then.

However, the experience of the past five weeks has been a great one for me!

There are many candidates that I have learnt a lot from. And while many of us disagree on points and perspectives, I believe that all those who are running want a better Abbotsford for our children and their future.

Yes, I feel that I can help bring your voice into city hall through building trust. And once we have done that we can work towards consensus to build community.

This campaign has been a lot of hard work and now I am ready to roll up my sleeves to work for you if I am elected.

On Saturday, November 15th head out and vote for the candidates of your choice.

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