Sapputo Dumps Chilliwack Cattle Sales

Canadian milk products giant Saputo announced Monday it will no longer purchase milk from Chilliwack Cattle Sales, the Chilliwack farm where charges of animal cruelty were recommended by the BC SPCA.

Over the weekend there were reports of an online petition and suggested boycott of Saputo products if the company continued to take milk from the Chilliwack farm.

The BC Milk Board stopped shipments from the farm for 24 – 48 hours until it received assurances from veterinarians that BC SPCA requirements were being followed at the farm.

Chilliwack Cattle Sales is Canad’as largest dairy operation.

CTV News – Saputo won’t accept milk from B.C. farm where abuse caught on video
[excerpt] Dairy food giant Saputo Inc. (TSX:SAP) is no longer accepting milk from Chilliwack Cattle Sales, a British Columbia farm where a number of employees were captured on video beating cattle, and says it is leading the charge for reform in animal treatment.
“Since Saputo learned of the animal abuse at the farm in British Columbia from which horrific images of cattle mistreatment were captured, the company has used its position as Canada’s largest milk processor to ensure the situation is being addressed and that such reprehensible behaviour . . . does not occur in the future,” Saputo said in a statement Monday.
The Montreal-based company said it has reached out to the province’s minister of agriculture as well as the B.C. Dairy Association, the B.C. Dairy Council and the B.C. Farm Industry Review Board.



CBC News – Saputo drops Chilliwack Cattle Sales milk over cow abuse video
[excerpt] Saputo, producer of Dairyland dairy products, says it is no longer accepting milk from Chilliwack Cattle Sales, a B.C. farm where eight employees were caught on video beating cattle.

The move comes after Mercy for Animals Canada released undercover video last week, showing dairy cows being whipped and beaten with chains and canes, as well as punched and kicked, at Canada’s largest dairy farm.

It also showed cows suffering from open wounds and injuries, and being lifted by their necks with chains and tractors — and prompted 100,000 people to sign a petition calling for Saputo to take action.


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