Schafer Responds Re: Male-Dominated Youth Violence In Abbotsford

By October 6, 2014Letters, Pop Voice

Response to: Ending Male-Dominated Youth Violence In Abbotsford, Abbotsford Today, Oct 3, 2014
Thank you for your email and your concerns about the behaviours and actions of some of our youth today.
As Board Chair, I am responding to your correspondence on behalf of my colleagues and I want you to know that we share your concerns about the growth and development of healthy young people who are equipped to make wise life choices.
I watched both “Miss Representation” and “The Mask You Live In” trailer and found both very interesting. Recently I read an article about the impact of computer gaming on youth behavior and I mention it here because I believe there are many ways we as a society are changing and it appears there is a corresponding impact on our children.
While I do not propose that we have all the answers, I want you to know that as a Board and District, we support programs and strategies across the district which support students with the ultimate goal of having every student engaged in their learning and realizing their full potential. In Abbotsford, we have good working relationships with numerous community organizations, such as Restorative Justice and the Abbotsford Police Department, as we address both prevention, intervention and restoration strategies with our youth.
Thank you for caring about youth in our city and taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

Cindy Schafer
Abbotsford Board of Education – Chair

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