Do You Know Where Your Groove Is?

By Aryn Savard. Groove … first of all, before you can find it, we must figure out what it is. Let’s take a look at a few definitions:

groove (noun)1. A long narrow furrow or channel.
2. Slang A settled routine: got into the groove of a nine-to-five job.
3. Slang A situation or an activity that one enjoys or to which one is especially well suited: found his groove playing bass in a trio.
4. Slang A very pleasurable experience.

grooved, grooving, grooves (verb)1. To take great pleasure or satisfaction; enjoy oneself: just sitting around, grooving on the music.
2. To be affected with pleasurable excitement
3. To react or interact harmoniously.

Goddess Wear. Photo by Jason Brown

Finding Your Groove
Groove then, by definition, should involve something that one enjoys doing, is a pleasurable experience and where you can react or interact harmoniously (we will ignore noun definition #1 and 2 as those don’t sound like fun at all!).

When was the last time you found your groove? We spend so much time working, thinking, worrying, stressing that many of us have lost our groove and are not sure where to find it. Your groove can be something as simple as a favorite song, listening to children laughing, dancing, having coffee with a friend, being in nature, painting your fingernails, staring at your lover from across a table. Now all of these things in singular instances can bring you joy, excitement, and happiness. But using the definition once again ‘a settled routine’ it implies that your groove must also be repetitive in nature- you must do this more than once in a blue moon!

Everyone asks me about creating balance in my life and I have realized that there will never be a point in time of perfect equilibrium. Instead I find it goes in waves- I will have a monsoon of busy, stressful work, then it is followed by a perfect calm of love, peace, and joy, then the skies get dark and I batton down the hatches for another crazy ride. This is why it is important to always know what your groove is (what makes you happy, harmonius, pleased). If you know what it is, you will always be able to find it and create those moments of slightly more balanced peace, joy, and love.

OK, this is all well and good in theory. Let’s now get some homework in place so you can figure out how to get YOUR groove back (Stella already found hers!).

5 minute homework to find your Groove (I know your busy, you can spare 5 mintues)

  • Write down the last thing that made you laugh so hard you almost peed your pants
  • Write down one thing you do well that you actually enjoy
  • Write down 1 thing that youâ’ve been wanting to do but haven’t because you are so busy/can’t do it, what would people think/ isn’t what a responsible adult would do/ everyone else comes first
  • Write down one thing you LOVE about yourself (there is one, even if it’s just your perfectly preened eyebrows)

Keep this list in front of you, read it everyday, then keep your eyes open for the window of opportunity to crack itself open and you will hear, feel, and be drawn to your groove on the other side. Don’t dismiss it this time because you are busy. Don’t dismiss it because you are worried what other people will think (I repetitively snort during loud bursts of laughter when having coffee with my friends, that doesn’t keep me from laughing or enjoying my friends). Once you find your groove, put a GPS on it, keep it in your radar, and you will find gifts of peace, joy, and light as the child in you gets to play, dance, twirl, and live.

The Groove Method –
A fitness class dedicated to finding your groove through movement, this class can be found at The Goddess Movement

Photo by Jason Brown

Aryn Savard and The Goddess Movement

Photo by Jason Brown

The Goddess Movement – alternative fitness studio

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– 778-240-7879

Aryn Savard is the owner/operator of The Goddess Movement. Photo by Jason Brown


Editor’s Note: Photos by award winning Abbotsford photographer Jason Brown.

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