By Amanda Polak. Mascara is used to lengthen, coat and exaggerate your natural lashes. To enhance your beautiful eyes.For this column I will give a little history, what wands to shop for different effects, and brands I love!

Mascara was used dated back to the 1800s, it wasn’t recognized as what we call ‘mascara’ until the 19th century. It first started in the Victorian times, when women would create a substance out of broken down ash and heated elderberry juice together and coat their lashes.

Then petroleum jelly, added with pigments and preservatives was the newest in cosmetic technology. Elizabeth Arden took it to the cosmetic industry in Paris, soon to be a worldwide item on every woman’s lash.

Carbon Black is used as the coloring instead of ash. Different oils such as, castor oil, mineral oils or oil or turpentine is found in ingredients of your mascaras. Nylon and micro fibers are used in formulas for lengthening mascaras.

A lot of these ingredients used in these mascaras are put through different test and trials before they can go further, but it can be harsh for the eye area for some users.

I would go with something that is Ophthalmologist Tested, Fragrance Free and Allergy tested. There are natural mascaras that can be found at health supply stores as well.

Now for the break down of different formulas, and wands!

If you want a natural look you can skip the eyelash curler but it makes all the difference in the final result, so try it out!

I always use a Lash Primer to start. All brands have this product, what it’s meant to do is condition your lashes, thicken and protect. Most of the work is done with the primer. Formulas start out white and dry almost clear, this means when you put your mascara overtop it makes your lashes look the healthiest. Plus, I find that the removal process is much easier at the end of the day. Start at the base of the lash and work it to the tips using a zigzag motion. (Lash Building Primer- Clinique $17(My Favorite), Cils Booster- Lancome $29, Studio Secrets- L’Oreal $12)

You can go with lengthening to stretch the size, stick with a long thin wand, this way when applying from the base of your lashes outward, the thinnest parts at the tips will get covered. More of a wet texture will prevent from clumping! ( Hi Lengths Mascara- Clinique $18, L’Extreme- Lancome $31, Lash Blast Length- Covergirl $7, )



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