Two Training Programs For Older Workers

Governments of Canada and British Columbia support skills training for older

Submitted. The Honourable James Moore, Minister Responsible for British
Columbia, on behalf of the Honourable Pierre Poilievre, Minister of
Employment and Social Development, along with Shirley Bond, Minister of Jobs,
Tourism and Skills Training and Minister Responsible for Labour for British
Columbia, announced today that up to 470 unemployed older workers will
benefit from 14 skills training projects in British Columbia (B.C.) under the
Targeted Initiative for Older Workers (TIOW).

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Over $4.8 million of federal and provincial contributions will be invested in
these projects to provide unemployed older workers living in small
communities with skills upgrading activities, as well as training and work
placements. The experience they will acquire will help them qualify for jobs
and reintegrate into the labour market.

In the Fraser Valley region, there will be two TIOW programs offered by the
Ethos Career Management Group and the Mission Community Skills Centre,
offering skills training to more than 40 people.

“Older Workers often face hurdles when trying to break back into the work
force or start a new career,” said Simon Gibson, MLA for Abbotsford-Mission.
“Groups like the Ethos Career Management Group and Mission Community Skills
Centre make it easier for workers to adapt and overcome those barriers.”

The Government of Canada is providing approximately $8.7 million to B.C.
under the renewed TIOW agreement, which provides funding for the three-year
period between 2014 and 2017. TIOW is a cost-shared initiative under which
the federal and provincial governments share program costs.

Quick Facts

* Since TIOW’s launch in 2007, provinces and territories have targeted more
than 35,500 unemployed older workers in small communities across the country
for participation. In B.C., more than 4,300 individuals have been assisted to

* Approximately 75% of program participants throughout Canada have found paid
employment following their participation in the program, and the majority of
respondents believed that their participation in the program improved their

* The B.C. Labour Market Outlook
indicates that, by 2022, there will be 1 million job openings in B.C. due to
the growing economy and anticipated retirements. Among these openings, 44%
will be in trades and technical occupations.

* Overall, labour demand is expected to grow faster than labour supply in
B.C. As a result, tight labour market conditions, where the demand for
workers surpasses the supply of workers, are expected starting in 2019.

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