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One example of a community which is tackling the issue of homelessness head on with support from its chamber of commerce is Comox, BC.

Dawn to Dawn is a non-profit, residential housing program that makes transitional housing possible in the Comox Valley. We provide homeless individuals and families with access to housing that gets them (or keeps them) off the streets.

Since the start of the Residential Program in April 2009, we have housed 60+ individuals and families who are homeless and ensured they have the shelter they need to create stability in their lives. Many of our clients have gone on to gain their independence, and find long-term housing of their own. This is the definition of transitional housing.

Homelessness happens in many ways. Job loss, mental health problems, and substance abuse are just a few of the reasons people and families find themselves without a home to call their own. We follow a Housing First Model to ending homelessness that says it doesn’t matter how people became homeless; everyone is better able to move forward in their lives if they are housed. That means providing shelter, and then combining that housing with services in the areas of mental and physical health, substance abuse, education, and employment.

Housing is a basic human necessity, and the foundation of good health, personal security, and stable communities. Imagine what your life would be like without a place to sleep, eat meals, shower, or relax. Our goal is a community where everyone has a place to call home, and access to the services that allow them to be a fully participating member of our community.

Dawn to Dawn is the only provider of transitional housing in the Comox Valley. Transitional housing is temporary housing – typically short-term, with limits on the length of stay – intended to get homeless individuals and families off the streets and into a safe living environment. Once housed, clients are provided with the services they need to gain their independence and move into long-term housing. This could be jobs or skills training, or mental and physical health treatment.
Transitional housing is a crucial component in the strategy to address homelessness in any community. It is the mid-point between emergency shelter (or the streets) and independent living, and provides the tools and opportunities for social and skills development. For many homeless individuals, transitional housing is the difference between successfully growing into independent living or falling back into the cycle of housing crisis.
We offer transitional housing through our innovative Residential Program and our award winning RV Program.

Chamber Supports Dawn to Dawn

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The Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce Chair, Tracey McGinnis, presents the proceeds from the Chambers 2014 Awards Gala Silent Auction to Dawn to Dawn President, Richard Clarke. The Funds will be used to support our scattered housing program. A heartfelt thanks to the Chamber and to the members who provided the silent auction items. We sincerely appreciate such community support for our efforts to end homelessness!




Dawn to Dawn

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