Abby Digs Planting Edible Trees Sunday

Abbotsford’s Proposed Homeless Village Breaks New Ground With an Edible Food Forest
Release. The proposed homeless village on Valley Road has plans to incorporate an edible food forest into its design. The Valley Permaculture Guild successfully received a grant from Edible Trees Canada 2014 partners Loblaw, TELUS and Silk—to plant an edible food forest at the site, and is looking for volunteers to help with the installation this Sunday.

Photo: Drug War Survivors and Abbotsford Dignitarian Society member Faye Bentley.

The privately-­‐owned site off of the Abbotsford Mission Highway is nicknamed Abby Digs, inspired by the name of its parent organization, The Abbotsford Dignitarian Society.

The Valley Permaculture Guild decided to partner with Abbotsford Dignitarian Society on the Abby Digs Village project to support the vision of the society and raise awareness of the issue of homelessness.

A food forest can be beneficial to the tenants of the site, as it will provide healthy fruits and vegetables to those who live at Abby Digs.

Join The Valley Permaculture Guild on-­‐site this Sunday, June 22, 2014 from 8 am -­‐ 2 pm. In phase one of the development, The Valley Permaculture Guild will be planting the initial first-­‐quarter of the food

Community members from across the Valley are invited to join us as we begin to change the landscape of the property at Valley Road, and hopefully, the climate surrounding Abbotsford’s homeless population.


  • shovels
  • rakes
  • wheelbarrows
  • gloves
  • liquids
  • plants – if you have extra to share
  • food to share for lunch

Children are welcome so please bring your families and come have some fun!

The remainder of the food forest installation will be planted in Fall with another planting permablitz.

Abby Digs is located at 33725 Valley Rd, past the railroad tracks, at the large white gate on the North side.

The parking lot is located inside the gate to the right—please follow the red tape to the planting area and check in at our volunteer tent.

For more information, click here.

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