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By February 8, 2013Arts, Photography

The Abbotsford Arts Council is pleased to present an exhibition in Photo Art and Acrylic Painting from February 8 to Match 5. The work of Phil Dyer and Nasser Ghaderi will be on display at the Kariton Gallery starting February 8.

Phil Dyer

I have long admired the photographers who were capable of capturing a subject in motion such as a hummingbird’s wing or a speeding bullet. While I do not possess the equipment for this, I have been able to capture water droplets as they fall into a pool of water. The shapes and lines that are captured are one of a kind and it is my intention to present them as pieces of contemporary art. This series of images offers a unique view of water by using a macro lens much of which was done at home on my kitchen counter.

About the Artist:
A resident of Abbotsford, photography has been Dyer’s hobby and passion for over 25 years. Dyer embraced digital photography in 2005, allowing him to expand his creativity. At that point, he realized the enormous potential of programs such as Photoshop that allow photographers the freedom to create artwork from a previously documented set of images. Over the years, he has developed a minimalist approach whereby he often isolates a small part of a scene to capture what is important to him.

Dual VisionsDual Visions by Phil Dyer & Nasser Ghaderi
February 8 – March 5, 2013
Opening Reception: Sunday, February 10, 1-4PM
Medium: Photo Art & Acrylic Painting

Nasser Ghaderi

I arrived to painting with the background of poetry and film. The medium of painting matched my sense of energy and expression. In an effort to produce original and spontaneous work, I made the conscious decision to refrain from formal art training and from studying other artists’ work. Similarly, I abstained from using conventional tools and techniques. Instead I throw, splash, drizzle, drip, swirl … paint on the canvas, yet each painting dictates its own technique. I escape point of view by focusing on process and experimentation instead of plotting a final product.

Nasser GhaderiThe key to creating such pieces is to paint without being conscious of what is emerging. I let each painting impose itself on me instead of letting my thoughts impose on the painting. This can happen only by eliminating the self. Therefore, my paintings act as mirrors. The motifs are a reflection of the viewers who stand in front of them. The paintings invite viewers to actively create their own meanings and consequently construct the paintings allowing them to become their own.

This involvement turns the viewer into the creator. The paintings therefore are dynamic and fluid as each time they are viewed, they change. Each work finds a new identity when viewed by a different person, giving the work infinite life.

About the Artist:
Nasser Ghaderi is an exploratory artist in various medium. He was executive producer of the film Vegas: Based on a True Story, which was an official selection at several film festivals including the Venice Film Festival. He is also a poet who has published poetry in literary magazines. He mainly focuses on painting abstracts using acrylics. He is a self-taught artist and is pursuing painting as a career.

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