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By November 5, 2014Municipal Politics

By Dave Loewen. Re: AbbotsfordFIRST Responds To MacGregor, Loewen – I thought I had made the last comments in response to this matter, but since I read it here again, I must offer a response, if for no other reason than because there is an election and the public has been misled by politically-motivated rhetoric on the subject. The public has a right, and deserves to know the truth on this matter, and any and all matters that relate to making good choices.

Both Councillor MacGregor and I have responded several times in the last few days (on Facebook), attempting to correct some erroneous beliefs. However, we are learning that AbbotsfordFirst is set on their beliefs regarding these questions, notwithstanding some clearly articulated explanations from City staff, which are supported by common accounting practices and supported in audited financial statements conducted by KPMG.

My response to their rather lengthy epistle may be found in my Blog: councillorloewen.blogspot.ca , and Bill MacGregor’s most recent post can be found in his Blog: blog.billmacgregor.com

Our two responses are similar in many places, however, Bill obtained more information from staff as recently as yesterday. Over the last few days, I’ve learned some things about financial statements I did not know before; as a result, I have provided incorrect information. I regret having done that; it was unintentional. Bill and I have nothing to gain or lose in providing factual information. As Bill has stated in his Blog, “…don’t forget to do your homework.” And I would add, please get out and vote!

And with all due respect to the previous writer, when she obtains the credentials that our senior finance personnel have, I’ll begin to give her views on finances some credence, but until then, her opinions on this matter are just that!

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  • Observation says:

    So let me get this straight voters are to simply accept the views of Dave Loewen and Bill MacGregor because? Because both have done a great job in Abbotsford politics over their terms?

    Secondly, discrediting a professional accountant just because you don’t like the party being served shows a complete and utter lack of character and stinks of “if you don’t like the message simply shoot the messenger” strategy.

    Had MacGregor and Loewen made the right decisions and put Abbotsford first there might not be an AbbotsfordFirst today. The latter are the result of the current city councillors failures.

  • The Editor says:

    Greg Cross Says:
    And you wonder why McLean’s magazine keeps calling us Stupid.

    From Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Today-Media/447088788677534?sk=manager

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